These documents are required for the loan application

The documents you need to apply for a loan depend, on the one hand, on the type of loan and, on the other, on your own financial circumstances. For a real estate loan, other evidence is needed than for a simple installment loan to buy a car and the self-employed have to submit other documents than employees in permanent employment.

The most important document: the loan application form

The most important document: the loan application form

Complete the forms received from the bank. This will save you later requests from the bank. It is also important that you give truthful information. After all, you want to get money from the bank. There is a risk of being charged with fraud for fraudulent purposes. If you apply for a loan with your spouse, use the Four Eyes Principle and review all the documents.

These documents are essential for each loan agreement

Regardless of the type of loan you are applying for, lenders always require proof of personal data by identity card or passport. Usually a copy of the submitted document is made and deposited with the bank in the documents. Furthermore, information about marital status as well as own children must be provided and documented by means of certificates. If other loan agreements have already been concluded, the corresponding documents must also be attached to the new loan application in copy. After all, the lender must be able to get an accurate picture of your financial condition before concluding the contract.

The differences start with the proof of income

Above all, one’s own income belongs to this overview of the personal financial situation. As a salaried employee, these can be substantiated by current pay slips, but also by bank statements or a proof of income from the employer. For pensioners, the same applies to regular pension payments. Furthermore, the bank needs information about possible rental income, income from a parallel to the main occupation operated small business or due to maintenance payments. Conversely, maintenance obligations to be paid must also be indicated in the application. If you are self-employed, the proof of your income is more extensive. In this case, income tax assessments and income surplus accounts or balance sheets of the last three financial years are required on a regular basis. Also information about the company assets are to be submitted.

The peculiarities of the real estate loan

If you want to buy a plot or house, you not only have to explain your own income situation to the bank, but also provide evidence of the object to be financed. This includes an excerpt from the land register and the land register. In addition, many banks require photos of the object. This is especially true if it is an already completed building. If there is an expose or appraisal of the property, it is helpful to submit these documents as well. The same applies if there should already be a draft of a purchase contract.

As a general rule, the more documents you have with the bank in the first appointment, the faster you will get your credit in case of doubt.