With a loan to the new musical instrument

The purchase of a new instrument is usually associated with quite high costs. This is especially true if it is a larger instrument and / or an advanced model. In order to exercise the desired hobby or to finally get from a beginner variant to the next higher “level”, but at some point such an acquisition is necessary. However, since this is not always enough for the savings or you want to keep the sum rather than financial reserve, a loan is usually the best choice.


Depending on the desired instrument, different levels of cost must be expected. Accordingly, it is possible that several hundred or even thousands of euros are incurred.

The cost of a musical instrument is very variable. Here it depends above all on which instrument it is. From a violin to a piano to a cello, the selection is immense. Accordingly, the wide spread also falls from the price range. So it is quite possible that some hundred or even a few thousand euros have to be paid for this.

Why finance an instrument by credit?

With the help of a loan, it is easy and fast to get to the required instrument. In addition, this is an acquisition that will benefit many years.

As mentioned above, buying an instrument can put a heavy strain on your wallet. However, since one does not always want to attack the iron savings, a loan is often a very good solution.

In addition, many musicians need their instrument immediately or at least in the near future and thus there is hardly any time to spare.

In addition, this is an acquisition that usually benefits for many years. Because an instrument, especially if it is a high quality model, usually has a very long life. So it can usually be confidently assumed that in the next few years, no new purchase is necessary. Accordingly, such an acquisition or a loan for instrument financing is well worthwhile.

Type of loan

Type of loan

To get to a new musical instrument, a classic installment loan is usually a very good choice. The purpose-based loan can be used, for example, for other accessories.

To finance a music instrument offers a classic installment loan in an ideal way. Such a loan is very manageable and offers a firm planning, so that can be calculated here well.

In the case of an installment loan, a certain loan amount is agreed with the bank as well as the term and the monthly installments. Since this is a purpose-based loan, the loan amount can be spent as desired. This means that, for example, it is also possible to buy not only the instrument but also the necessary accessories. These include music stands, piano benches and instrument cases. After paying the last installment, the loan was completely settled.

Moreover, it is, depending on the bank , possible that the bank also offers a variety of special services in the award of a rate loan. These include, for example, the suspension of a monthly installment, special repayments or a variable interest rate . If the bank offer nothing of himself, it is worthwhile to ask, right here, because thanks to this and other similar services, it is possible, for example, bares money to save or adjust the credit to their own financial situation.

However, in order to obtain such a loan, the various requirements must be met. These include, for example, a good credit rating as well as a positive bank report. Furthermore, the credit institutions generally require a German checking account from their borrowers as well as a permanent German residence.

However, if the prospective borrower is unable to meet the various requirements, it is usually very difficult to get credit anyway. However, therefore, the instrument purchase does not yet have to be completely abandoned. Thus, with the help of a guarantor or a second borrower, it is usually still possible to obtain the desired loan. However, it must be noted here that then the person concerned must meet the various requirements for lending. In addition, the second borrower or the guarantor should be aware that in the “case of the case”, ie if the actual borrower can no longer settle the installments, he has to pay for the entire remaining debt of the loan.

Compare offers well

Compare offers well

Since the different credit offers usually differ significantly from each other, it is advisable to compare these well with each other in order to save a lot.

However, it is advisable not to accept the first credit offer, but to compare the various offers of the different banks. These often differ quite clearly in different aspects, such as the interest rate and the various special benefits. Thus, even a difference of a few percent may make a difference of a few hundred euros or even more.

With an online loan comparison, it is usually very straightforward and quickly feasible to compare the various loan offers. For this, initially only the indication of some data is required and already the various offers and the associated, most important details can be seen.

For a precise comparison, the annual percentage rate is particularly well suited. In contrast to the nominal interest, this already includes all costs incurred for the loan.

Furthermore, it is advisable to make sure that in credit inquiries at various banks this one conditions – and do not ask a loan request to the Schufa. The latter is stored there and may, under certain circumstances, lead to your own credit rating being downgraded. A condition request, however, is not stored at the Schufa and therefore also has no effect on the credit rating.




A classic installment loan is thus a very good option to get quickly and easily to the desired instrument to continue to run your own hobby.

To finance a music instrument offers a classic installment loan in an ideal way. The purpose-based loan is simply paid off in monthly installments and is therefore very manageable and well planable.

However, it is highly recommended to compare the various loan offers well, because the differences in the interest rate and the various special services can be quite significant. So it is by a good loan comparison quite possible to save a lot.

With the help of such a loan, it is therefore quite possible to buy a variety of instruments and continue to indulge your own hobby.