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When decorating your living space this spring, it might be a good idea to include a few plants. Not only is having plants indoors visually appealing, but there are many health benefits, including reducing stress and eliminating airborne toxins, according to The Sill website.

“Planting plants, like tracking them (and) caring for them is also very, very good for emotional health and any type of mental health…because it gives you something to do and then the reward of the watch it grow,” said Crystal Wilson, sales associate at White Forest Nursery in Bakersfield.


This plant is considered a beginner plant because it is easy to care for and only needs watering when the soil is dry. It can grow up to five feet depending on the size of the pot, Wilson said.

According to the Gardening Know How website, two common problems with Dieffenbachia are that it is usually overwatered and often not properly lit. To avoid these problems, the floor should never be soaked and placed under filtered lighting.

This plant is also known as “mute cane” because it is poisonous. Anything that eats the leaves will find its vocal chords numb and “it will dumb you down for a while,” Wilson said.

Satin pothos

Satin Pothos is easy to care for, but it doesn’t do well in cold weather and only needs watering when the soil is dry, Wilson said.

According to the Guide To Housplants website, Satin Pothos should be kept in a well-lit area because the leaves will take on a beautiful color.

snake plant

Snake plants are one of the easiest plants to care for because you don’t need to do a lot of work and they can go a week without water, Wilson said.

According to The Spruce website, snake plants are considered “almost indestructible” because they can survive and grow in any type of light, but a few hours of direct sunlight will boost growth.


As long as the Ficus is in a well-lit area, it should stay green. It can survive outdoors but it doesn’t do well in the heat, so for more sun, taking it out on the patio is recommended, said Bryan DeBranch, the plant technician at Zack’s Big Tree Nursery.

Fish hooks

Hooks are a little more difficult to maintain as they are very difficult to water.

“We (White Forest employees) even went through this phase where we only watered them once a week and they were still wrinkled from having too much water,” Wilson said.

According to the Paisley Plants website, some tips for caring for fish hooks include watching their leaves while watering. If they are flat, they need water. If they look mushy, they have been overwatered and it is also important to keep them in a well-lit area. However, direct sunlight can damage the leaves.

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