9 places in Greece to visit before they get too expensive

Sunny days, pristine beaches, affordable choices and a wealth of ancient monuments inscribed on UNESCO’s lists are just a few of the reasons why it is worth spending your vacation in Greece. To serve visitors, many airlines have increased their flights to lesser known and popular destinations. So, make the right choice and visit the following destinations before they get too expensive or as famous as Mykonos and Santorini. They might not have activities like a casino, but you can still search the internet and find NetBet online casino.


The big blue is waiting for you to discover it. People say that when they visit this island once, they feel the urge to come back again and again. One place to visit is the monastery built in the mountains which offers breathtaking views. The food is fantastic and is made with local ingredients. You should try Rakomelo, a grappa-type drink that taverns offer after meals. A must visit are the two small uninhabited islands across the island which you can reach by boat. Clean crystal clear water, as well as unspoiled wild beauty awaits you in Amorgos.


Lesvos, also called Mytilene, is a green island in the north of the Aegean Sea, very close to the Turkish coast. Limited tourism has allowed the island to retain its original charm and natural beauty. This island is the perfect playground for nature lovers, hiking, cycling and of course swimming. The fantastic landscapes are combined with the welcoming locals and the incredible traditional Mediterranean cuisine. It all adds up to the most beautiful scenery for a unique island worth exploring before it becomes the next most popular destination.


Very close to Mykonos is a charming island, known mainly as a pilgrimage destination due to the Virgin of Tinos. However, in recent years the island is starting to gain popularity. Its beautiful whitewashed villages and beautiful beaches make Tinos stand out. Each year, the island hosts several festivals to discover, such as the Tinos Festival and two others devoted to jazz and ethnic music. In addition, a different and exciting fishing festival is held every August, where throughout the day locals and visitors gather on Kionia Beach in the southeast of the island and go fishing.


This popular seaside town near ancient Delphi is one of the country’s best-hidden secrets. Neoclassical mansions, quiet harbors and the city’s calm atmosphere attract more and more tourists every year. Until 1963, the only way to approach it was only by boat. It is ideal for a three-day stay in such a position – just twenty minutes from Delphi – convenient for exploring the surrounding area.


The increase in flights from various European and Greek airports to Kavala has contributed to the emergence of this continental city. Kavala has various monuments, a relaxed pace and many places to visit nearby. It is a rough diamond that you should explore before it becomes widely known. Sights to see while you’re there include the Sultan Suleyman Aqueduct, the 16th century Byzantine Fortress, and of course the ancient city of Philippi with its beautiful beaches. Don’t forget to spend a few days or even hours in Thassos, a pristine and quiet island just an hour by ferry from Kavala.

In order to explore the whole area and the beaches, you have to rent a car in Kavala and take day trips around!


It is highly likely that Karpathos will never become an expensive and accessible island. However, it is certain that its tourism is constantly increasing, mainly due to the flights that operate directly from Athens, Rhodes and Germany to Karpathos during the summer months.

The island of Karpathos appears to be protected due to its location in the southern part of the Aegean Sea between Rhodes and Crete. This is the reason that has not yet been discovered by mass tourism.

The southern part of the island is full of resorts and hotels, while the inland and northern coast are almost unspoiled and are an earthly paradise for those seeking relaxation away from the crowds.

Karpathos is blessed with crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and many hiking trails. It is one of the country’s islands that you absolutely must visit.

Another thing that adds to the value of the island is Kassos Island, which is only an hour away and is ideal for a nice day trip.


Skiathos is located in the northwest of the Aegean Sea and is the westernmost island of the Sporades, off the coast of Pelion. This lush island is known for its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches and traditional villages. A very popular destination especially for young people, Skiathos has a vibrant nightlife and many attractions to visit. In addition, it is ideally located for you to take day trips to the neighboring islands of Skopelos and Alonissos.


In the region of Epirus, overlooking the Ionian Sea, Preveza is a beautiful peninsula with kilometers of beaches and a very charming atmosphere.

The picturesque old town with its narrow streets and houses embellished with bougainvillea will enchant you. But in the evening, nothing beats a walk in the harbor. Besides its relaxing atmosphere, Preveza is a very convenient base for exploring the neighboring region and, of course, the island of Lefkada.


Famous for its hot springs and festivals, Ikaria is the island where the New York Times reports that people forget to die. So Ikaria has a very bright future. With rich mythological interest and wonderful nature, Ikaria is becoming more and more popular with Greeks and foreign visitors as an alternative summer destination.

The festivals, and more specifically the biggest one held on August 15, draw thousands of visitors to the island. This is the period when the island is suffocating and crowded, so you can plan your Ikaria island vacation accordingly.


Between the Dodecanese and the Cyclades, Astypalea has a Cycladic feel with whitewashed houses and ancient fortresses that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Part of the Dodecanese complex, this beautiful island is a favorite destination for those looking for a relaxing place to spend their summer vacation. Filled with charming beaches, small harbors, lush valleys and quaint villages, you’ll enjoy hiking and rock climbing. It is certain that you will fall in love with Astypalea if you visit it.

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