A Father’s Place, JOY School, JBs Celebration Park

Palmetto Giving Day is May 3 and 4. A chance to donate to organizations that are doing great work helping residents of Georgetown County. Every day we feature organizations participating in Palmetto Giving Day seeking your support. Here are three of the organizations:

A father’s place
Good or bad, fathers have a lifelong effect on their children. Children with loving, involved, and responsible fathers do better in virtually every aspect of their lives, from preparing for school as kindergarten to navigating the difficult teen years for become happy and productive adults.
Children living in fatherless homes account for 90% of homeless children, 80% of youth in prison, 75% of all teen pregnancies, 71% of all high school dropouts, and 63% of youth suicides. The absence of the father is both a national and a very local crisis.
Children must not become statistics. For 20 years, A Father’s Place has helped reconnect thousands of local men to thousands of local children. The vast majority of fathers are not absent because they lack love for their children. Almost always, what they lack is an idea of ​​what a good father does, because they had no one to model it. Other barriers include unemployment, a poor relationship with the child’s mother, unmanaged chronic health issues, immaturity, and lack of knowledge or means to assert their legal rights. During our holistic 6-month program, we give men the tools to overcome any obstacles that keep them from being the father their children need and deserve.
We want to prevent every child in the region from experiencing the devastating emotional pain and life-altering effects of father absence. But we can’t do it without our supporters. YOU allow the little girl in your neighborhood or your church to go to bed with a full stomach, to sleep peacefully after her daddy reads her a story and kisses her, knowing that she is loved and protected by two parents and jumps out of bed the next day, excited for school and playtime with her friends. That’s what you make possible when you donate to A Father’s Place. Thank you for the care.
CLICK HERE to see a video about A Father’s Place.

JOY School PI, Inc.
JOY means: Jesus first, others second and yourself last.
JOY School offers a six-week summer program of stimulating activities for children aged 6 to 21 with developmental disabilities and requiring 24-hour care. This safe and motivating program of academic instruction, music , arts and crafts, physical education, drama and gardening limits the isolation participants might otherwise experience during the summer. Funded program materials include items specially designed or adapted for children with developmental and physical disabilities. Additionally, special transportation, reservations and arrangements are made for a variety of excursions to ensure that even the most severely disabled students have access to these exciting learning experiences. These excursions include weekly swimming, a trip to the beach, attendance at movies and other local entertainment venues.
The continued selflessness and collaboration of staff, volunteers and funders are measures of JOY School’s 34 years of success. Parents do not pay to send their children, but the costs are approximately $1,300 per child. JOY School maintains a student to teacher ratio of 3:1 – essential for the effective supervision and safety of the 50 children with multiple disabilities.
In addition to staff, nurses-in-training and special education interns regularly put their skills to work. Many local adults and children help meet the daily needs of participants while local churches prepare and serve nutritious weekly lunches.
At the end of the summer program, children enjoy their favorite activity, a formal dance with lights, music and lots of fun for all. This is followed by a closing program when the students put on an incredible performance that fills the hearts of family members and the community with pure “joy”.
The JOY school is based on love – those who love enough to serve and those who love enough to give. Totally dependent on charitable donations and fundraising, the school exists because others care.
CLICK HERE to see a video about the JOY school.

JB’s Celebration Park
JB’s Celebration Park started as an idea over ten years ago.
An idea of ​​the late Jim Bindner when he himself lost his father. Jim was very close to his father and while he was grieving he felt that our community lacked a place of comfort.
A place where those who had passed could remember. It was then that Jim envisioned a place of comfort and reflection, a place to remember loved ones – and the idea for JB’s Celebration Park was born.
Jim frequently took notes and sketches on his park idea as he incorporated it into our current concept plan. But he still has to find a place.
In 2018, with the tragic deaths of several Pawleys Island residents he knew well, Jim decided that what he had on paper had to become a reality. He began relentlessly talking to our county government, several local organizations and professionals to try to start a park.
Today, thanks to the incredible support and hard work of his family and friends, Jim – JBs Celebration Park’s vision of a community park for everyone is about to become a reality.
The land has been identified and leased, legal charitable status obtained, architectural drawings and engineering plans completed, permits completed and most recently the land has been cleared. JB’s Celebration Park is 100% funded solely by donations. All contributions go towards the cost and development of the park.

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