Aliens: Dark Descent – When does the game take place?

The recently revealed the next in a long line of video games set in the Extraterrestrial universe. Aliens: Dark DescentThe announcement trailer offered several interesting tidbits about the upcoming game. While the revelation that Aliens: Dark Descent will combine real-time strategy gameplay with the iconic horror aesthetic of the Extraterrestrial The franchise received a mixed reception, a minor detail left many fans theorizing about where the game could be set in the Extraterrestrial chronology.

While the previous Extraterrestrial games were set at easily identifiable points in the franchise timeline, evidence of Aliens: Dark DescentThe first trailer for suggests the game could take place earlier in the series than any other Extraterrestrial Game. With one of the franchise’s main antagonists seemingly oblivious to the existence of his flagship monster, Aliens: Dark Descent may turn out to be a prequel that sows the seeds for future episodes of the series.

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The trailer for dark descent follows a squad of Colonial Marines sent to investigate a sudden communications blackout at the base of Tantalus, one of countless off-world colonies owned and governed by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Minutes after they arrive, the team is ambushed by a horde of Xenomorphs who quickly dispatch most of the team. Abandoning what remains of his team to save his own life, Sergeant Leo Alvarez records the incident on a discarded tape recorder as the Xenomorph pack closes in on all sides.

From the way a shaken Alvarez describes Xenomorphs in his recording, it seems like none of the Marines featured in the trailer have a clue what Xenomorphs are. While it might seem like a minor detail at first glance, the Colonial Marine Corps’ close ties to Weyland-Yutani might imply that society is also unaware of Xenomorphs. This contradicts several pieces of evidence presented in other installments of the Extraterrestrial franchise.

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Throughout the Extraterrestrial franchise, Weyland-Yutani has always been described as having a deep knowledge of Xenomorph biology and behavior, as well as an obsession with capturing specimens for research. From the original Extraterrestrial film, Weyland-Yutani proved he would do anything to get his hands on the xenomorphs, sending Ellen Ripley and her crew on what amounted to a suicide mission to acquire a living specimen and allowing the hundreds of colonists who lived on Hadley’s Hope being eaten to grow a xenomorph hive in its sequel aliens. Driven by a selfish desire to sell Xenomorphs as biological weapons, Weyland-Yutani will stop at nothing to propagate the species.

While it’s entirely possible that Weyland-Yutani simply didn’t inform the Xenomorph team, their ignorance could imply that the company that hired them is just as ignorant of the Xenomorphs as they are. If true, it could mean that dark descent takes place at an earlier stage of the Extraterrestrial timeline than all the movies, video games, and comics that came before it. Maybe dark descent will be a prequel that explores how Weyland-Yutani discovered the existence of Xenomorphs in the first place, establishing the obsession that would drive his actions in the other episodes.

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Besides the Marines’ ignorance of Xenomorphs, there are other bizarre details in the trailer that might provide clues as to when. dark descent occurs in the continuity of the series. Just before the team is overrun by the Xenomorphs, they spot a group of withered humanoid beings who appear to be held aloft by tubes like puppets on strings. Although the role of these beings in the game’s story is currently unknown, they have never been seen before in any other episode of the game. Extraterrestrial frankness, suggesting that dark descent will take place in an uncharted era of the series’ timeline.

No matter when it happens, Aliens: Dark Descent is already becoming a unique chapter of the Extraterrestrial saga. With unconventional gameplay and an intriguing story that could uncover one of the series’ biggest mysteries, dark descent could become one of the most intriguing and engaging installments in the Extraterrestrial series.

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