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Farley Hall on the University of Mississippi campus, where the Journalism and IMC programs are located. Photo by Maddie Cavett.

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Sometimes when you want to compete, you don’t have to limit yourself to sports.

Christopher Lucore, a senior integrated marketing communications specialist from Bay St. Louis, has found his footing in the competitive field of advertising campaigns and research.

When Lucore came to the University of Mississippi as a freshman, he hadn’t declared a major, but was leaning toward business.

“I heard about IMC, and it was more of a new-age marketing program, not just general business or entrepreneurship or finance,” he said. . “IMC is more like shaping a brand and creating campaigns. The more I heard about it, the more I liked it.”

Lucore took IMC 104 in the spring semester of her freshman year.

“I still had to take a few business courses to acquire business knowledge,” he said, “but I was looking for what IMC was geared towards.”

Christopher Lucore is a senior IMC major at Ole Miss.
Photo by Lydia Walker.

One of Lucore’s favorite IMC courses has been the IMC Research.

“We learned to do secondary and primary research, and surveys,” he said. “We did a content analysis, which was a lot of work, but it really gave me some insight into what people are doing in the job search space.

“I thought it was really cool that there are actually people who sit there and dig into social media profiles or content analytics and see what people are talking about and how many interactions a message got.”

Lucore said IMC’s research can help companies figure out what they can do best as a business or how they can help customers more effectively.

Caitlyn Loiacono, an IMC graduate and friend of Lucore, said the research motivates him.

“He finds it very interesting to learn the reasons why people react in a certain way from an ad, a social media post or whatever,” she said. “He likes to learn the reasoning behind what people like, and I think that’s really important for a major BMI because a lot of us only want to focus on the creative side of things.”

Another class enjoyed by Lucore is IMC 455, a campaign class.

“I’m participating in the National Student Ad Contest, which is really fun because we’re competing against the whole nation, or against the schools that applied to enter the contest,” he said.

Lucore at her job at the college golf course.
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IMC 455 has made Lucore enthusiastic about creating campaigns and allows him to show off his competitive nature in a way that most college classes don’t, he said.

“I’m very competitive and I want to win,” he said. “It’s not just about competing with my class, but competing against everyone in the country, which is really fun for me.”

The pandemic has affected students across the country. Lucore was planning to double major in accounting or business before the pandemic, but when classes were moved online, he found it harder to learn, especially accounting classes. He said the pandemic caused him to focus on IMC as a major and forced him to decide that accounting was not for him.

Being a student at UM’s School of Journalism and New Media allowed Lucore to grow as a person and experience new things. From his classes to his teachers, he says IMC has helped him understand what he loves to do and showed him a future career path.

One of the biggest life lessons he’s learned is not to take things too seriously. Although students should take classes seriously, Lucore said getting a B in a class instead of an A isn’t life or death. He said taking anything too seriously in college, whether it’s a grade, a Greek organization or a job, adds unnecessary stress to a student’s life. .

“People make mistakes all the time,” he said. “It’s okay. You can always have a night of doing nothing and watching TV on the couch.

Loiacono said Lucore taught her not to worry about things she couldn’t control.

“He’s really someone who I think can see the bright side of any situation,” she said, “and I find that very inspiring.”

Growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast provided many childhood memories.

“Summer vacations, like the 4th of July, we would go to the beach with my parents’ friends and their kids,” Lucore said. “We would probably have 15 or 20 kids, and we would play on the beach all day, and it was always great fun.”

These memories shaped him. He still enjoys going to the beach with his family and friends, lying in the sand and the sun, and being near water. And he always knew he wanted to go to the University of Mississippi.

“Ole Miss was the only place I applied to,” he said. “All my friends used to go here, and I knew people who had graduated from high school before me and were going to school.”

The fact that Ole Miss is a public school and that Lucore didn’t have to apply for many scholarships in order to attend was also a big factor.

One of her favorite professors at the UM School of Journalism and New Media is Professor Debbie Hall.

“I had Professor Hall for a few classes,” he said, “and I really like her as a person and as a teacher. I think she brings some interesting insights into IMC, everything being very careful.

Lucore said one thing he admires most about the teachers at the school is that they demonstrate that they genuinely care about the lives of their students.

For those who want to specialize in IMC, Lucore suggests looking at the different choices offered by the IMC program and choosing the ones that interest you the most and relate to your specialization. It discourages students from taking courses which may be more difficult during the summer or winter intersession as the workload may be heavy.

Being an IMC student has helped Lucore in several jobs.

“Some of my former bosses and superiors have come to me for advice on marketing and social media profiles,” he said. “I was able to give them very informed and insightful answers because of what I’m learning in school right now.”


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