Best Place to Farm Morphics in Warframe

Warframe is a highly addictive third-person shooter / MMO about space ninjas, with players traveling across the solar system to collect resources, fight villains, and uncover the secrets of the Tenno. There are many different currencies and resources in Warframe, which makes it quite a long and complex game. Morphics is one of those resources that players may find it difficult to farm.

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Morphics are a bit more elusive than most other resources, often only dropping in increments of 1-2 at a time. Players may struggle to find decent places to farm Morphics, but there are specific missions that have objectively proven to be better missions to farm the resource. Morphics drop on Mercury, Mars, Phobos, Europa, and Pluto, so players should stick to those planets and specific nodes for the best chance of getting the resource. Warframe is a game with excellent PvE multiplayer, and it’s always advisable to farm with other Tenno whenever possible, especially if they can perform a Desecrate Nekros for additional resource drops.


6 Iliad – Phobos

Iliad is the Assassination node on Phobos, an early game planet that has low level enemies. On Iliad, players will be tasked with killing the Sergeant, a level 15 Corpus boss that has a good chance of dropping Morphics as well as being one of the best places to farm Plastids.

This is an especially good node to farm if players are looking for the Mag Components they can pick up Morphics at the same time. There are a lot of resources players can get, so farming multiple things at once is efficient. Players should look to quit Iliad once they unlock better nodes for Morphics and have already obtained Mag.

5 Gradivus – March

Gradivus on Mars is a Dark Sector Defense mission, which can net players a lot of resources as well as a few Morphics per run. Defense missions are infinite, meaning players can keep going indefinitely, so while it’s not the absolute best choice for Morphics, it makes up for slower farming rates by giving players in the early game a lot resources, mods and credits.

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Gradivus is unlocked fairly early in the Star Chart so players don’t have to wait too long before they can farm for Morphics here. Players must be sure to execute one of the best Warframes for defense missions if they have access to them, with early game Warframes such as Frost being a great choice.

4 Narcissus – Pluto

Although unlocked quite late in the Star Chart, Narcissus on Pluto is not the best way to get Morphics on Warframe. However, it is ideal for players who wish to obtain a higher affinity rate and resources such as Rubedo and Plastids while farming Morphics.

Players who don’t mind a slower farm for Morphics and are looking to farm with, perhaps trying one of the WarframeThe best shotguns more than that will enjoy this mission and the efficiency of mining multiple resources at once.

3 Wahiba – March

Wahiba on Mars is a Dark Sector survival mission, which leads players to a lot of resources as they roam the map heading to different Life Support pods and earning them a few Morphics each time they run. Players running one of Warframes must-have mods like Loot Detector will find farming Morphics even easier.

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Mars in general has high drop rates for Morphics and while there are missions that can be more efficient, this node is great for early game farming and helps a player start stockpiling resources to use for build weapons, Warframes, etc.

2 Macaw – March

Ara on Mars is one of the best normal nodes to farm Morphics on Warframe. A capture mission, players can speed up Ara, complete the objective, find Morphics, then extract as quickly as possible to repeat.

With defense and survival missions, players are forced to wait at least 5 minutes before they can extract. While endless missions like this can be a great way to farm Salvage, they aren’t so great at farming rarer resources like Morphics. While capture and spy missions are usually overlooked by newer players, they make a great port of call for players looking to mine rarer resources of all kinds, not just Morphics.

1 Any Mars Void Relic mission

Early game players may not have obtained many Void Relics or know much about them. Void Relics unlock main rooms and alternate between vaulted and unvaulted, meaning main rooms (Warframes, weapons, companions, etc.) also follow them in or out of the vault. Some players would say that’s something Warframe could fix, but many players are so used to it that it’s an integral part of the game experience.

Players will likely spend a lot of time farming relics and trying to get all the main parts of the game. Quite often there will be Void Relic missions for Meso Relics on Mars nodes. Morphs can often be found in quantities of 10 or more, and that’s without a Defiled Nekross. Since players are likely to use Relics for a period of time, this is both more efficient to farm and will likely net the player much higher amounts of Morphics than anywhere else.

Warframe was released in 2013 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox One Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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