Biicla returns with the full album “Yes Place”

Biicla delves deeper into his genre sound and offers fans a beautifully crafted 10-track LP titled, Yes Location!

Rising international producer and singer-songwriter, Bicla, has been on an unwavering streak since his first releases in 2019. The Russian multi-instrumentalist explores sounds and arrangements from a mix of genres allowing Biicla to create a rare and refreshing sound in the world of electronic dance. With thoughtful lyrics, haunting melodies, bass-laden synths and grungy warehouse elements, Biicla has tapped into all of her creative influences on her latest 10-track album, Yes Locationnow available Good luck, have fun.

Ahead of the LP’s release, fans got a taste of Yes Location through his singles “Never Be Mine” with Rome in silver and “I will be there,” and can now enjoy the LP in its entirety. Each track takes on a life of its own, giving the listener insight into the producer’s headspace at the time each song was created.

Biicla explores a wide range of concepts and emotions in Yes Location including loneliness, finding love, companionship and the idea of ​​letting go. Pairing these ideas with cutting-edge beats has allowed Biicla to connect with fans around the world and receive bookings to share her eclectic sound at festivals like HARD Summer and Lolapalooza.

“For a few years, I have been thinking about where and how to move forward. Constant traveling alone, a new team, new friends and endless thoughts in my head, as well as my first performances in America. It was all like in the movies, and naturally it affected my music.

The ‘No Place’ album was about finding myself and in 2022 I think I found myself. I just decided to create a light dance album for you that will touch your deepest soul, because it is inspired by new events and people I met during this time. I share with you my new look at electronic music in this new album. His full name was: ‘Yes! I think I found a place’, but I decided to shorten it and just leave it at ‘Yes Place’ as opposed to the last album ‘No Place


Take your copy of Yes Location on your favorite platform, listen in full on Spotify below and let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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Bicla – Yes Location – List of tracks:

  1. Introduction (keep it easy)
  2. Biicla, Rome in silver – I am not
  3. Biicla, Kroy – For you
  4. Cigarettes
  5. Mini skirt
  6. Biicla, Rome in silver – Never be mine
  7. keep you close
  8. Let yourself go
  9. I will be there
  10. Bis
Biicla - Yes Place EP

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