BJP hits back at Congress: ABG shipyard fraud took place during UPA era

In the face of criticism from Congress regarding the alleged bank fraud case involving ABG Shipyardthe BJP retaliated on Wednesday saying that the fraud took place during the time of the UPA government at the Centre.

“ABG Shipyard became NPA (non-performing asset) on November 30, 2013. This was the period of Congress rule. Most of the rigging took place between 2005 and 2012, during which the UPA government gave them much of the navy, which was canceled by the BJP government. The audit report came in 2016 and they were declared fraudulent during the tenure of our government,” BJP national spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Sudhanshu Trivedi told a press conference at the BJP headquarters. left.

The CBI has booked Gujarat-based shipbuilding company ABG Shipyard and its directors for alleged fraudulent default in payment of Rs 22,842 crore.

Pointing out that the scam started in 2012, Trivedi said: “ABG Shipyard loan was rescheduled in March 2014. Rs 970 crore in June 2011, Rs 500 crore order placed in January 2012 and restructuring done in March 2014 The company’s promoters are believed to have had a close relationship with a former political adviser to the president of Congress.

Trivedi’s allegation comes days after Congress spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala said the central government was running a flagship “loot and evade” program for bank fraudsters.

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