Capital & Main Wins Seven Top SoCal Journalism Awards, Including Online Journalist of the Year

Capital & Main won 7 first prize and 16 overall at the 64th annual Southern California Journalism Awards, one of the nation’s largest regional media competitions. The ceremony, held on June 25 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, honored the best reporting of 2021.

Senior reporter Robin Urevich has won the prestigious Online Journalist of the Year award for her in-depth coverage of California’s affordable housing crisis. The judges observed: “You can feel the leather of the shoe worn away from the intense probing. Nothing less than 3 full dimensions will suffice – with a full account of who wins and who loses in California’s dysfunctional housing market…. His work reads like a crusade against injustice. Urevich also won first place in Survey Reports (online) for his article “Los Angeles Affordable Housing Programs Leave Low-Income Renters in the Dark.”

Investigative journalist Angelika Albaladejo received two first place awards in the Activism Journalism (print/online) and Hard News (online) categories for her article “A Drunk Mechanic, Shackled Immigrants, a Crash Landing: The Dangers of ICE Flight”. The judges said his work is a “classic example of an investigative story that shines a light on a little-known problem.”

Contributing writers Jack Ross and Janette Villafana of LA Taco won first place in two categories – Business (online) and News Feature (online, music/culture/performing arts) – for ‘Cart Battle: Los Angeles’ Code War Against Street Vendors”. The judges note that their reporting “immerses readers in the latest chapter in a turf war between street vendors and Los Angeles officials that dates back more than a century.

Capital & Main also won first prize in the General News (online) category for contributing writer David Bacon’s “Tulare County homeless people need to be kicked off their levee sanctuary,” which judges describe as a “phenomenal people-centered story rich in story arcs and data.

Additionally, Capital & Main has won the following awards:

Second Place Award

  • Website, internet exclusive press organization (online) – Capital & Main staff

Third Place Award

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