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Hamilton Gardens' new director, Lucy Ryan, succeeds Dr Peter Sergel, who retired last year.


Hamilton Gardens’ new director, Lucy Ryan, succeeds Dr Peter Sergel, who retired last year.

The new manager of Hamilton Gardens was the pick of the proverbial crop of potential candidates for the post.

Lucy Ryan will take office in August, following a successful tenure as Manager of the City of Hamilton Central Square.

The sought-after director post was announced following the retirement of former director Peter Sergel last year. For four decades, Sergel has helped transform the 45 hectare site into the attraction it is today.

Born and raised in Waikato, Ryan brought a wealth of knowledge and 20 years of experience to this role.

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* Ambitious plans add more gardens to Hamilton’s top attraction

Prior to joining the board, she spent over 15 years working in the museum sector, both at Te Papa and the Auckland Museum, where she developed a solid understanding of tourist attractions and led organizing teams. experiences and events.

With enthusiasm for gardening herself, Ryan said she was excited to take on the new challenge.

“The gardens are one of my favorite places of all time, and it’s an honor to be a part of this new chapter.”

Community CEO Lance Vervoort said Ryan was the right person to take the gardens to the next level.

Despite the lack of international tourism in 2020, the Gardens experienced their busiest summer to date, with 116,315 visits between Christmas Eve and Waitangi Day.

Provided / Content

Despite the lack of international tourism in 2020, the Gardens experienced their busiest summer to date, with 116,315 visits between Christmas Eve and Waitangi Day.

“Lucy stood out through an extensive recruiting process, and we are delighted to have recruited her to the board.

“She already has a solid understanding of local government and I know she will bring a lot of heart to this role.”

Ryan said she was excited to collaborate with the many groups passionate about gardens and their future.

“Together, we will continue to build on the wonderful work that has already been done and make this beloved place grow stronger and stronger.

“Advancing our shared vision, outlined in the Hamilton Gardens Management Plan, will be at the heart of everything we do.

Over the past 40 years, council-owned Hamilton Gardens has grown to become one of the Waikato area’s most popular destinations.

Despite the lack of international tourism in 2020, the Gardens experienced their busiest summer to date, with 116,315 visits between Christmas Eve and Waitangi Day.

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Beautiful gardens open to the public in the Harborough area this month https://carfin.org.uk/beautiful-gardens-open-to-the-public-in-the-harborough-area-this-month/ https://carfin.org.uk/beautiful-gardens-open-to-the-public-in-the-harborough-area-this-month/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 11:00:46 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/beautiful-gardens-open-to-the-public-in-the-harborough-area-this-month/

Guests can step outside and enjoy a range of beautiful gardens in the Market Harborough area as part of the National Garden Scheme throughout the month of June.

Snowdrop Ridge on The Ridgeway in Market Harborough will be open to visitors on Sunday, June 13.

It has natural plantations and self-seeded plants on three levels as well as a flea market for books and crafts.

109 Brook Street

On Sunday June 20, you will have the chance to visit Westbrook House in Little Bowden.

The magnificent six-acre garden features a walled flower and vegetable garden, wooded paths and a meadow with a wildflower area and a charming avenue.

Stoke Albany House, a four-acre country house garden, will be open the following Wednesdays – June 16, 23 and 30.

Over the weekend of June 26-27, June Oak Tree House in South Kilworth opens its enchanting country garden.

There is almost an acre filled with color with both a formal design and a cottage style plantation.

A myriad of fascinating features include extensive herbaceous borders, vegetable gardens, a pond, a greenhouse, a shaded area, and extensive potted collections.

The garden “houses everything”, from the Alps to the trees.

There is also a dramatic arched pergola, which is pictured.

For all the details, pre-reservation and opening hours www.ngs.org.ukIn 2020, the National Garden Scheme commissioned a Gardens and Health report that highlighted the value of being outdoors and visiting gardens for our physical and mental health.

“We know our visitors find spending time in our gardens beneficial for their well-being,” said the National Garden Scheme.

“In addition, the funds raised through these visits are vital to the nursing and cancer charities, which are in dire need of funds. “

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Stratford Festival to Unveil New Siamak Hariri Designed Theater https://carfin.org.uk/stratford-festival-to-unveil-new-siamak-hariri-designed-theater/ https://carfin.org.uk/stratford-festival-to-unveil-new-siamak-hariri-designed-theater/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 21:01:31 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/stratford-festival-to-unveil-new-siamak-hariri-designed-theater/

The Stratford Festival, North America’s largest classical repertory theater company, will unveil its new Tom Patterson Theater at a virtual event this Thursday, June 10 at 7 p.m. via an evening of live viewing on its YouTube channel. The new building, nestled in a riverside garden in this quaint town in southwestern Ontario, is fast becoming the heart of the Stratford Festival. The four-part documentary series of video tours and interviews will highlight “the exceptional architecture, the inspiration behind it and the technology that will make it one of the most remarkable theaters in the world.”

Stratford Festival’s new Tom Patterson Theater shines like a gem on the banks of the River Avon. Image by Ann Baggley.

The $ 70 million building was designed by Siamak Hariri, of Toronto-based Hariri Pontarini Architects, who won an international competition ahead of 3 other companies who were invited to participate in the design competition. 50 companies were initially asked to submit their credentials, with eight companies surveyed from this list, before four of them were chosen to compete with their designs.

The new building replaces the original Tom Patterson Theater, which has been adapted from an old curling rink, creating a culturally and socially engaging venue offering facilities for enhanced research and development. The result, according to artistic director Antoni Cimolino, is “a work of art, not a conventional building”.

The curved walls of the windows of the new Tom Patterson Theater at the Stratford Festival extend towards the River Avon. Image by Ann Baggley.

The theater was scheduled to officially open on June 11, 2020, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tom Patterson, the founder of the Stratford Festival. The pandemic upset those plans, shutting down the performing arts. The viewing night will mark the hometown hero’s 101st birthday.

Nestled along the banks of the River Avon, the 77,000 sq. Ft. Low-rise building sparkles like a gem. A shimmering bronze “veil” envelops its undulating form, a prelude to the buzz of activity and performance within. The curvilinear shape continues inside, emphasizing meticulous details and rich materials in bronze, brick, oak, hickory and Ontario limestone slabs. The theater and a rehearsal room are at the heart, with a lobby and lounges, a café, and a secondary performance space (dubbed the Forum) wrapped around it in a petal shape. When it reaches full maturity, the garden, designed as a terraced landscape with purple flowers, golden trees and long grasses sprawling across the site, will draw people in and across the site.

Rendering: The theater was designed to overlook the banks of the River Avon while reflecting its alluring qualities. Image by Hariri Pontarini Architects.

The viewing evening will be broadcast continuously for 36 hours. The four video documentaries, listed below, will remain available on the Stratford Festival website. Youtube channel and its subscription service Stratfest @ Home to followng the first.

  • Inside the Jewel: discover the experience that awaits you

Take a guided tour of what you’ll experience when you attend a performance at the Stratford Festival’s new Tom Patterson Theater.

  • An important space: an architecture that thrills the heart

Experts and visionaries at the Tom Patterson Theater discuss design for the human experience, architectural influences, building components and more.

  • Beyond Beautiful: the design inspired by a jewel by the river

Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino and Architect Siamak Hariri discuss the impulses and inspirations behind the new Tom Patterson Theater and guide us through the exciting journey from idea to realization.

  • Magic Machines: The Technology That Supports Art

Technical Director Greg Dougherty lifts the veil on some of the cutting edge technology that makes the magic happen behind the scenes at the new Tom Patterson Theater.

Rendering: In order to further improve the natural setting of the building, each of the pods will be supplemented by extensive gardens. Image by Hariri Pontarini Architects.

If you wish, you can join the conversation in our discussion thread dedicated to the project, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

* * *

UrbanToronto offers a new way to track projects on a daily basis throughout the planning process. Sign up for a free trial of our New Development Insider here.

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From farm to family home, explore this beautiful Banchory retreat https://carfin.org.uk/from-farm-to-family-home-explore-this-beautiful-banchory-retreat/ https://carfin.org.uk/from-farm-to-family-home-explore-this-beautiful-banchory-retreat/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 16:00:00 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/from-farm-to-family-home-explore-this-beautiful-banchory-retreat/

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more enthusiastic than Teresa Anderson.

There’s not much the determined mum of three can’t do, from project management to raising sheep or raising ducks.

She admits that she thrives under pressure, which may be why Ard Na Moy is so impressive.

This stunning five-bedroom detached property is located in Glassel, near Banchory, and has come to life from sketches Teresa made during nighttime feedings.

She stayed up regularly until the early hours of the morning to perfect every detail, in the hope that her vision would bear fruit.

And it’s worth it, from the beautiful open-plan space to the quirky features and countryside views.

© Provided by Raeburn Christie
Ard Na Moy is a converted house.

Renovation challenge

Teresa’s husband, John, often worked away due to his work as Business Manager of Exceed Energy LTD.

He trusted Teresa completely, because you cannot doubt his passion for Ard Na Moy.

It housed the couple’s three children, Jay, 13, Daragh, 10, and Erin, 6.

You wouldn’t think balancing a baby and toddler would go hand in hand with a move, but the family rose to the challenge after finally crossing the threshold in 2011.

The alluring mix of old and new pays homage to Ard Na Moy’s ancient use as a barley store, dating back to the early 1900s.

© Provided by Raeburn Christie
An open-plan space is available at the Ard Na Moy.

We took it all down to the rafters, with birds nesting on the roof

“We bought it as a home in May 2010. We completely renovated it to create an open space.

“I was pregnant with Daragh at the time, and Jay was a toddler.

“I managed projects and often did night feeds with drawings and notes the builders needed for the next day.

© Provided by Raeburn Christie
Ard Na Moy is bathed in light thanks to the Velux windows.

“We have done houses before and I love it.

“It was very hard because when we moved from our house to Aboyne it was a terrible winter.

The temperature dropped to minus 17. The farm track to Ard Na Moy was almost impossible, and the diesel had frozen in the tank of the moving truck.

“At that point, I decided to start Daragh on solids, so I was crushing a banana and trying to get us to move in.

“I think it helps that we are very laid back, you have to be.”

© Provided by Raeburn Christie
Perfect for entertaining.

Family life

After overcoming the Great Frost, Teresa decided to make Ard Na Moy her home away from home.

“This house is my fourth child and I love the connection it has with the outdoors,” she said.

“I really enjoyed the design process, I’m being ridiculously over the top when it comes to fine-tuning the details.

“But it’s necessary to achieve a consistent look. If something is wrong it will stand out.

“I love that I can stand in the kitchen making tea, and the kids come in and out of the yard.

There is always the connection to the outdoors, which improves your sense of well-being

“I have a tremendous sense of pride that we’ve created this, and it seems like it’s been around forever.”

© Provided by Raeburn Christie
Space is not a problem.

But what can you expect from a house that was created with so much love?

Go through the door and you will spot a vaulted ceiling in the reception hall, which is located on an open level with the living room, kitchen diner / family room and living room.

The versatility on offer is enormous and the layout is incredibly light.

“Some settlements can be quite dark, but that’s not the case here,” Teresa said.

It’s like you’re outside, that’s what I wanted to achieve

The living area has full height windows and folding doors that give access to the sun terrace.

© Provided by Raeburn Christie
Good morning outdoor meal.

Open space

Every detail has been taken care of, from the underfloor heating to the Sonos sound system.

The living room is currently used as a games room and, again, wonderful views are offered.

The kitchen / family room has two full height picture windows and the kitchen has built-in appliances.

It’s a fabulous space for entertaining and perfect for family gatherings this summer.

Return to the beautiful staircase, featuring a glass and walnut balustrade with a cutout design.

The five bedrooms are of excellent size and two have a private bathroom.

The master bedroom also has a walk-in closet and the family bathroom has a Sunken Duravit bathtub designed by Michael Stark.

© Provided by Raeburn Christie
Attention to detail is the order of the day.

The expansive gardens of Ard Na Moy are the jewel in the crown, from the south-facing rear garden to the breathtaking view of Clachnaben.

There are plenty of outdoor dining options with a secluded sun terrace, and parking is taken care of by a tarmac driveway and triple garage.

“We have given new life to Ard Na Moy and the building gives you a feeling of comfort,” Teresa said.

You have the impression of being far from it all; it was our little retreat

“It’s very calming, and we often see red kites and deer in the valley.

“We feel ready to hand over the baton because we have decided to build from scratch nearby.

“It’s a family home, and it’s doing better than we could have imagined.”

Bids must be over £ 680,000.

Contact the owner on 07815 784514 or Raeburn Christie Clark & ​​Wallace on 01330 822931.

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Green River Pond and Garden Tour 2021 Canceled https://carfin.org.uk/green-river-pond-and-garden-tour-2021-canceled/ https://carfin.org.uk/green-river-pond-and-garden-tour-2021-canceled/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 21:51:06 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/green-river-pond-and-garden-tour-2021-canceled/

GREEN RIVER – Due to damage from the historic late summer snowstorm last September and concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the Green River Pond and Garden tour will be canceled this year.

Green River was particularly affected by the storm which left the city with broken and uprooted trees and shrubs. As estimates of around $ 1 million rolled in, the town of Green River declared a state of emergency and began work to remove all debris from streets, sidewalks and homes. However, the city will experience lasting effects of the storm for years to come.

“It was a very difficult decision to cancel this year’s tour. However, with COVID-19 and the historic Green River storm last September, many garden house owners have expressed concern about continuing the tour, ”said Lyneen Murphy, organizer of Green River Pond and Garden. Tower. “Many owners, including myself, have suffered extensive damage to our gardens and felt it takes an extra year to clean up the gardens and put them back in order.

Advertisement – The story continues below …

This year’s Pond Tour was tentatively scheduled for the second week of August. In the past, visits always took place either in the last week of July or during one of the first two weeks of August.

“This is the best time to show off the foliage and flowers,” Murphy said.

Even though the tour was canceled this year, Murphy is already working on organizing the 2022 tour, which she says will take place in August. Even then, many gardens and ponds may not have recovered from all the damage.

“It will really take years for some gardens to recover from this storm. Many had trees over 70 years old uprooted from the ground. Some had huge limbs snapped in half to fall and smash foliage off the ground and into ponds, ”Murphy said. “I had several fish killed because of a huge limb that fell in our pond. We are all in a state of suspense, not knowing how our yards, gardens and water bodies will withstand the change of such destruction. “

Murphy said other issues caused by the storm that many residents hadn’t thought about were the number of gardens that lost huge shade trees that supported shade-loving plants. Without these trees or shrubs to provide shade, these types of plants are also dead.

The same shading problem is also true with ponds. Many residents place their ponds under trees to keep algae away, according to Murphy. These ponds are now completely in the sun, which will certainly create problems for the water, fish and plantations.

Right now we’re all in cleanup mode and assessing which plants, trees, or bushes didn’t survive the storm or winter.

~ Lyneen Murphy, Green River Pond and Garden Tour Organizer

“If garden house owners have trees, they have a big job to do cleaning up all the debris left behind by the storm,” she said.

Those whose gardens have suffered damage will also have to recreate the garden space that was destroyed, she said. All of this will take time.

For those concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, this will give it one more year and Murphy is hopeful that by then the numbers for communities will be better.

How the pond visit has changed

Over the years, visiting the pond has changed and evolved. The tour began over 20 years ago when Lamar and Eileen Green from Green River had a desire to show residents how they can have ponds in their backyards in this very desert climate as well.

“I wanted to expand the backyard pond experience to show various types of gardening for our area,” Murphy said. “There are so many amazing gardens in Sweetwater County.”

This change was made after Murphy received numerous inquiries as to why only houses with ponds could be on the tour. Murphy said she agreed that there are some amazing gardens in Sweetwater County that don’t have ponds or water features and that they should be showcased as well.

“You don’t need to have a pond or body of water to be part of the tour. I research all types of gardens to show visitors, ”said Murphy. “If you have a vegetable patch, chickens, bee hive, flower gardens, perennial gardens, rock gardens, a pond, water features or a stylish front door, you can be part of the Green River Pond and Garden tour. ”

During the tour, pond and garden owners share their successes and failures with visitors when it comes to vegetables, flowers, ponds or even chickens. With all that their gardens and ponds have been through since September 2020, they will certainly have a lot to share in 2022.

Although the Pond and Garden tour started in Green River, it also includes homes in Rock Springs and Jamestown. This is something that has also changed since the start of the program after Murphy received requests from residents of Rock Springs and Jamestown to participate in the tour.

“The storm last September created huge changes in many local gardens, but we are resilient gardeners and will be ready for the Green River Pond and Gardens tour in 2022,” Murphy said.

Anyone with any questions or interested in participating in the 2022 Gardens Tour can email Murphy at lyneen@hotmail.com

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See this property for sale with land in a prime location in Scarborough https://carfin.org.uk/see-this-property-for-sale-with-land-in-a-prime-location-in-scarborough/ https://carfin.org.uk/see-this-property-for-sale-with-land-in-a-prime-location-in-scarborough/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 07:13:00 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/see-this-property-for-sale-with-land-in-a-prime-location-in-scarborough/

With paddocks and outbuildings, it spans 2.6 acres of land and could be of particular interest to those wishing to have horses or other animals.

The L-shaped entrance hall in the detached skylight bungalow leads to two double bedrooms, the dining room, the living room, a modern fully tiled bathroom and the fitted kitchen with a Rayburn gas hob and a breakfast bar.

Access to the south-east facing veranda is through the rear bedroom.

Stairs lead up to the first floor double skylight bedroom which has fitted wardrobes and fantastic views.

This property has PVC double glazing and gas central heating.

There are extensive gardens, perfect for a keen gardener, with flowering and fruit trees and a vegetable patch with fruit shrubs.

To the front of the house is a paved patio, a lawn with established borders and to the rear a sloping lawn with a patio and a cedar wood summer pavilion.

The driveway passes past the house to a five-bar gate leading to the fields and buildings. Panoramic views stretch from here to the sea and Scarborough Castle.

For sale with estate agents Richardson and Smith, Whitby, Holmefield on Scalby Road, Scarborough, priced at £ 595,000. Call 01947 602298 for details.

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Taiyuan Botanical Garden / Associate Architects Delugan Meissl https://carfin.org.uk/taiyuan-botanical-garden-associate-architects-delugan-meissl/ https://carfin.org.uk/taiyuan-botanical-garden-associate-architects-delugan-meissl/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/taiyuan-botanical-garden-associate-architects-delugan-meissl/

Taiyuan Botanical Garden / Associate Architects Delugan Meissl

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