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The Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) headed by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has yet to make a decision on the annual Amarnath Yatra, officials said on Friday.

“The decision has to be made by LG and whatever is communicated to us, we will respect it,” said a senior SASB official.

The pilgrimage, which was canceled last year due to the Covid pandemic, is scheduled to take place from June 28 to August 22.

Official sources have revealed, however, that Sinha would likely chair the SASB meeting next week to respond to a pilgrimage call.

“We anticipate a decision at a meeting, but it depends on the Center. SASB will follow the Centre’s decision on the Yatra. However, the authorities are not in his favor and do not want this pilgrimage to become another mass-market event like Kumbh Mela, ”they said.

On June 8, J&K BJP chairman Ravinder Raina said a restricted pilgrimage should be facilitated if the current Covid situation does not allow for a full-fledged yatra.

The 56-day pilgrimage to the 3,880-meter-high holy cave of Amarnath shrine in southern Kashmir, home to the naturally formed ice Shivalinga, is scheduled to begin on June 28 on the twin routes of Pahalgam and Baltal and culminate in August 22.

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A Vietnam veteran makes an annual pilgrimage to keep the memory of a friend alive. https://carfin.org.uk/a-vietnam-veteran-makes-an-annual-pilgrimage-to-keep-the-memory-of-a-friend-alive/ https://carfin.org.uk/a-vietnam-veteran-makes-an-annual-pilgrimage-to-keep-the-memory-of-a-friend-alive/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 21:15:09 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/a-vietnam-veteran-makes-an-annual-pilgrimage-to-keep-the-memory-of-a-friend-alive/

Phil and Peggy Stanley, center, with members of the Morrison family in Shelby, NC

Trying to keep the memory of a fallen soldier alive, Philip Stanley has started a wonderful new family.

In 1967, Private First Class Stanley of Hampton, SC, lost a friend to small arms fire in Vietnam. It has been 54 years since a solemn army officer obscured this family’s door with the tragic news, but Stanley worked to ensure that this soldier’s memory lives on and his sacrifice is never forgotten.

In September 1966, Stanley was drafted into the 25th Infantry Division of the United States Army with orders for Vietnam. He was 22 years old. He had a new wife and a good job at the Varnville Hardware & Supply Company. On March 11, 1967, he set foot on Vietnamese soil at the heart of one of the bloodiest conflicts in modern American history.

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Seers and traders seek the Char Dham Yatra https://carfin.org.uk/seers-and-traders-seek-the-char-dham-yatra/ https://carfin.org.uk/seers-and-traders-seek-the-char-dham-yatra/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 13:07:44 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/seers-and-traders-seek-the-char-dham-yatra/

A decrease in Covid-19 cases over the past week has led to calls for the gradual start of the Dham yatra tank at four of Uttarakhand’s holiest Hindu shrines. The pilgrimage was scheduled to start on May 14 but was postponed to May 29 over fears it would become another super-propagator event after the Mahakumbh.

The government of Uttarakhand has been widely criticized for its mismanagement of the Mahakumbh and for violating the security protocol. The Center was also criticized for allowing the event to take place. The Mahakumb coincided with a second wave of Covid-19 that overwhelmed the healthcare system.

Only priests from Char Dham shrines were allowed to perform rituals and worship after they opened last month.

A section of saints said the pilgrimage should be allowed on a gradual basis, as was done the previous year with Covid protocols in place.

Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad Secretary General Shri Mahant Hari Giri Maharaj said the pilgrimage should be restricted as the pandemic spread alarmingly in March and April, but now residents of neighboring villages and districts should be allowed gradually while ensuring a safe pilgrimage.

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Uttarakhand Minister Satpal Maharaj said the state was considering a plan to allow the Char Dham pilgrimage for residents of Chamoli, Rudraprayag and Uttarkashi.

Mahamandaleshwar Hari Chetnanand Maharaj of Shri Panchayati Bada Udasin Akhada said that Char Dham is related to spiritual and religious aspects as well as to the livelihoods of Hill State. He pointed out that even the Haridwar-Rishikesh belt trade largely depended on the Char Dham pilgrimage.

Uttarakhand Taxi-Maxi Hill Union (Pauri) transporter Kotwal Singh Negi said Covid-19 had hit them hard for two years and the pilgrimage was essential for them. He added that otherwise they will not even be able to pay the annual tax levied on commercial vehicles.

Haridwar carriers and travel agents submitted a memorandum saying the pilgrimage should be allowed.

Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri are collectively referred to as Char Dham and millions of people visit them every year. The pilgrimage begins in Yamunotri in the west. It then heads towards Gangotri and finally towards Kedarnath and Badrinath in the east.

The pilgrimage could not start last year as planned on April 26 with the opening of the portals of Yamunotri and Gangotri, the first two shrines opened after the winter, due to the confinement imposed to control the spread of the pandemic. in March 2020.

The shrines were opened to local pilgrims on July 1 of last year and to those from other states on the last week of this month. In September, the government of Uttarakhand removed the requirement to have negative reports on Covid-19 for pilgrims to undertake the pilgrimage.

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Newquay’s Christian Climate Pilgrimage Begins Before G7 https://carfin.org.uk/newquays-christian-climate-pilgrimage-begins-before-g7/ https://carfin.org.uk/newquays-christian-climate-pilgrimage-begins-before-g7/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 11:34:55 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/newquays-christian-climate-pilgrimage-begins-before-g7/

Departure from Newquay this morning

A group from the Christian Climate Action (CCA) protest group today began a four-day walking pilgrimage from Newquay to Carbis Bay, ahead of the G7 summit this weekend. They aim to draw attention to the need for more urgent action by developed countries on climate change. The CCA, an interfaith organization made up of lay people and members of the clergy, welcomes anyone of any denomination to join them in their walk.

Pilgrims especially invite people to join them on the last stretch of Phillack Church in St Unys in Lelant. The meeting point is Phillack Church at 11:30 am on Friday. They will also hold a Sunday morning Eucharistic service near Carbis Bay, where prayers will be said for the Earth and for the rulers of the world.

Walkers will pray that politicians are inspired to take action rather than words and broken promises. This is to reflect the theme of “Drowning in the Promises” which is used by Extinction Rebellion protesters during the G7.

Stephen Jarvis, one of the pilgrims, said: “The UK is very good at claiming to be the world leader in tackling climate change while tinkering around the edges, but not implementing any of the serious actions. necessary to protect our fragile Earth. “

Reverend Helen Burnett said: “Unlike a traditional pilgrimage, our progress will be interrupted, not because we come to a holy place, but by a police cordon; however, our walk will be marked by prayers for the world. Our goal is to focus our hearts. and minds on the deep injustices of the world. The climate and economic injustice that we see all around us is the result of the policies of the richest represented this weekend by the G7. Decisions made by the minority affect the majority, whose votes will not be represented in Carbis Bay. As members of this silenced majority, we will walk in witness to the need to imagine a better world, a world imagined by Jesus Christ whose greatest commandment was “to love your neighbor as yourself.”

Christian Climate Action is a community of Christians who support each other to take meaningful action in the face of impending and catastrophic anthropogenic climate degradation. We are inspired by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit. Like social justice movements of the past, we perform acts of public witness, nonviolent direct action, and civil disobedience to urge those in power to make the necessary changes. Since November 2018, we have been working closely with Extinction Rebellion and are known as Christians in XR. www.christianclimateaction.org.

More information on the pilgrimage: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_-2Xe0OPG8tpglP1hdYP-nX7Ajo3O8PJ/view

Blogs on the pilgrimage will be published on: www.christianclimateaction.org

Keywords: Climate change, Environment, Cornwall, G7, Christian Climate Action, Rev. Helen burnett

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Greeks invite the world to visit their country – Kiwi.com https://carfin.org.uk/greeks-invite-the-world-to-visit-their-country-kiwi-com/ https://carfin.org.uk/greeks-invite-the-world-to-visit-their-country-kiwi-com/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 15:29:06 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/greeks-invite-the-world-to-visit-their-country-kiwi-com/

Locals tell us what they love about Greece and how they are preparing to welcome international travelers again

If you miss the hot summer sun, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, you have probably missed Greece. The country has opened its borders to international travelers, but you might be wondering if now is the right time to visit. That’s why we asked locals to tell us how the country is getting ready to go back on vacation and why everyone will fall in love with it, if they weren’t already.

The island of Tinos is known for its good food and beautiful landscapes

Our Lady of Tinos is one of Greece’s most famous pilgrimage shrines – Shutterstock

“Life in Greece is now free, everything is open and people can enjoy museums and restaurants or visit the islands with an easy self-test,” says Ioannis, associate professor of medicine at UOA.

Ioannis was born in Athens 74 years ago and grew up to become a professor at the National and Capodistrian University of Athens. In 2000 he made a pilgrimage to the island of Tinos and since then has been going there every year for a month or two.

The view from Ioannis' house on the island of TinosThe view from Ioannis’ house on the island of Tinos – Ioannis

“Tinos is full of sandy beaches, picturesque villages, rocky mountains, fertile valleys and good food. Guests can enjoy pork chops, sausages and special omelets. There is also Our Lady of Tinos, one of the most famous pilgrimage shrines in Greece.

The island sits in the heart of the Aegean Sea, halfway between the capital Athens and Izmir in Turkey. There is no airport on the island, but it is easy to get there by ferry from Athens port of Piraeus or Rafina.

Hiking, swimming, camping, luxury hotels – Athens is perfect for any type of vacation

Athens is one of the biggest transportation hubs in the countryAthens is one of the biggest transportation hubs in the country – Shutterstock

Christos, a 30-year-old pharmacist from Athens’ northern suburb of Kifisia, tells us why the capital is one of the best options for visiting Greece.

As the largest city in Greece, Athens is perfect for any type of vacation, whether it’s mountain hikes, swimming in the sea, luxury hotels, villas or more relaxing airbnbs, or even camping for the more adventurous.

“Athens is the place where you can find everything you are looking for on vacation, but it is also the place from where you go to visit the islands,” says Christos. “My suggestion for a Greece vacation in the summer is to start with a 2-3 day trip to Athens for sightseeing, then take the boat and go to the islands.”

Christos lives in the northern suburbs of Athens, KifisiaChristos lives in the northern suburbs of Athens, Kifisia – Christos

Athens is hard to miss as it is one of the biggest transport hubs in the country and many adventures start and end there. International tourists can go there and continue to explore Greece if they have the EU’s Covid digital certificate with information about their vaccinations, a negative test result or proof of recovery.

“I believe my country is a very safe place to vacation”

Christos describes the atmosphere in Athens and what visitors can expect: “The COVID-19 situation is still a bit strict, for example having to wear a mask everywhere. The shops, cafeterias, restaurants and bars are open but without music. Changes are happening day by day and every day 100,000 Greeks get vaccinated, so I think in a few weeks the situation will change.

“Employees at every store, cafe and restaurant have to take a quick test twice a week to be able to work. I believe my country is a very safe place to vacation, ”says Christos.

Greece is a great place to live and even better for vacations

Due to the pandemic, Athens-based Tzannetos had to put his dream of becoming a pilot on hold, but now sees a life returning to the country. He loves Greece and the fact that the beach is never too far away.

“In January 2020, I quit my job to start pilot training. Usually it takes around 12-18 months, but due to COVID-19 I only managed to complete a month and a half before the lockdown. It was more than difficult, but now, after a year and a half and as summer approaches, things look more and more promising, ”says Tzannetos.

Tzannetos can now resume flightsTzannetos can now resume flight – Tzannetos

“Greece, and especially Athens, is a great place to live and even better for vacation. We have the sun for more than 300 days a year and the sea is never too far away. The beach is within walking distance of my house and with summer running from mid May to September you can enjoy it half the year.

“You never run out of things to do. You can go to the beach, go shopping or go to big clubs. All who visit will have the opportunity to enjoy crystal clear waters, have a good coffee or a relaxed drink and, at night, discover the great restaurants and clubs. You will never be bored having a good time and every time you visit Greece you will find new ways to have even more fun than last time, ”he adds.

“We are coming back to a normal life”

Dimitris' favorite place is his house and tavern in EviaDimitris’ favorite place is his house and tavern in Evia – Dimitris

Falling in love with Greece seems easy. For Dimitris, 29 years old from the island of Evia, the favorite place is his house and his tavern. He lived in Athens and studied for six years in the Czech Republic to become a pharmacist, but now lives in Evia.

“Evia is a charming island with lots of sun, beaches and mountains. My favorite place is where I live and where my Kanatadika tavern is located. It’s great for fishing, kitesurfing, kayaking, and just about any water activity you can think of. The island is ideal for hiking, climbing and exploring waterfalls, ”says Dimitris.

“Everyone here is looking forward to summer and hoping the coronavirus is over for good soon. The shops are open, the sea is warm and life is resuming its normal course.

Visit Kiwi.com Stories for more travel updates.

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COVID Vaccine Updates: Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces New Record COVID Positivity in New York https://carfin.org.uk/covid-vaccine-updates-governor-andrew-cuomo-announces-new-record-covid-positivity-in-new-york/ https://carfin.org.uk/covid-vaccine-updates-governor-andrew-cuomo-announces-new-record-covid-positivity-in-new-york/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 22:52:30 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/covid-vaccine-updates-governor-andrew-cuomo-announces-new-record-covid-positivity-in-new-york/

NEW YORK (WABC) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new statewide new COVID positivity rate on Sunday.

The seven-day average positivity is 0.52%. It has gone down for 62 consecutive days.

“With the hot weather coming across the state, it is extraordinary to see New Yorkers making sure the COVID count drops to these new highs,” Governor Cuomo said. “Whether you meet friends you haven’t seen face to face in over a year, go see your favorite team play, or head inside to escape the heat in a cool theater,” Getting the vaccine will help make sure you can make the most of your summer and make up for lost time with loved ones. “

The number of new positive cases statewide is less than 1,000 for the tenth day in a row. 13 deaths have also been reported.

Here are some other headlines from today:

NY does not lift school mask mandate, at least for now
New York was due to lift school mask warrants from Monday, but the NYS Education Department told administrators mask rules remain in place. The Ministry of Education sent a letter to
school districts stating that no rule changes had taken place. Health Commissioner Dr Howard Zucker last week sent a letter to the CDC apparently informing them that schools could operate without the need for masks as of Monday, but the state now says that is not what the letter said.

CDC: 300 million doses of COVID vaccine administered in the United States
The Centers for Disease Control said on Sunday that more than 300 million doses of the vaccine had been administered in the United States.

That means more than 63% of American adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine, seven percentage points below President Joe Biden’s goal of 70% by July 4.

UK official says variant could delay lifting lockdown
The UK Health Secretary said the delta variant, which is quickly becoming the dominant variant of the coronavirus in the UK, is 40% more transmissible than existing strains in the country. Matt Hancock acknowledged on Sunday that the increase in cases of delta variants could delay the government’s plan to lift most of the remaining lockdown restrictions on June 21. He also said he would not rule out the continuation of measures such as face masks in public places and working from home where possible.

France reports several cases of variant
French health authorities are rushing to contain scattered cases of the more contagious variant of the delta virus, as the country prepares to reopen its borders to vaccinated visitors and celebrates falling COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates . Health Minister Olivier Veran said on Sunday that France had several clusters of the variant, first identified in India, especially in the southwest of the Landes. Speaking on BFM TV, Veran said the variant has not spread widely in the community and that health investigators are working to find cases and stop their spread.

Jill Biden and Fauci visit COVID vaccination site in New York City
An iconic Harlem church has rolled out the welcome mat for First Lady Jill Biden and Dr Anthony Fauci. They visited the vaccination clinic set up at the Abyssinian Baptist Church on 138th Street on Sunday afternoon.

Pilgrims return to Spain’s “El Camino” paths after pandemic
Embarking on the pilgrim’s path has for centuries been a source of renewal for those who wanted to put their lives on hold and spend days, weeks or even months crossing Spain along the Camino de Santiago, a trip that takes hikers to the reported burial place of the apostle Saint-Jacques. But after a year of being away from the Camino de Santiago due to travel restrictions linked to the pandemic, soul seekers hoping to heal the wounds left by the coronavirus are once again attaching themselves to bags to back and follow trails marked with a shell emblem to the sanctuary in the city of Santiago de Compostela. Some travelers to the Camino are like Laura Ferrón, whose marriage ended during Spain’s lockdown and who fears losing her job because the bank she works for is planning massive layoffs. She and two longtime friends flew from their home to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa to spend a week traveling the last 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the pilgrimage route.

Amid sharp increase in cases, Afghanistan hit by vaccination delay

Afghanistan grapples with a sharp rise in COVID-19 infections as health officials advocate for vaccines, only to be told by the World Health Organization that the 3 million doses the country should receive by April will not be delivered until August. “We are in the midst of a crisis,” Ministry of Health spokesman Ghulam Dastigir Nazari said this week, expressing deep frustration at the global distribution of vaccines which has driven poor countries to scramble for it. find supplies for their people.


Guiding the mask in the tri-state area
New York City COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking
How to get vaccinated in New York, tri-state area
Coronavirus Disease Control and Prevention Centers

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COVID-19: Saudi Arabia plans a “digital” Haj https://carfin.org.uk/covid-19-saudi-arabia-plans-a-digital-haj/ https://carfin.org.uk/covid-19-saudi-arabia-plans-a-digital-haj/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 07:38:06 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/covid-19-saudi-arabia-plans-a-digital-haj/

Abu Dhabi: Saudi authorities plan to implement a digital Haj this year by relying more on technology and reducing human resources to manage crowds and organize the pilgrimage, local media reported.

Robots will provide pilgrims with fatwas (edicts), advice, as well as the electronic Quran, and the pilgrims’ movement will be linked to the computer.

The times for all Haj rituals will be set with precision for each pilgrim from the time they arrive in Saudi Arabia until they return home safely.

During the Haj, pilgrims join processions of Muslims from all over the world, which simultaneously converge on Mecca for the week of Haj, and perform a series of rituals: Each pilgrim walks counterclockwise seven times. shows around the Kaaba (a cube-shaped structure and the direction of prayer for Muslims), trots (walk briskly) seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah, then drink from the well of Zamzam, go to the plains of Mount Arafat to watch, spend a night in the plain of Muzdalifa, and perform the symbolic stoning of the devil by throwing stones at three pillars. After the sacrifice of an animal (can be accomplished using a voucher), pilgrims are then required to shave or cut off their heads (male) or trim the ends of their hair (female).

A three-day Eid Al Adha celebration follows thereafter.

Saudi Arabia last month announced the resumption of the Haj this year for Saudi and foreign pilgrims through the Saudi ministry of Haj and Umrah. The ministry also said strict safety and regulatory measures would be in place to ensure the safety and health of pilgrims, with details of such safety measures to be revealed at a later date.

Saudi authorities have stressed that they are keen to enable Muslims around the world to perform Haj rituals. However, the safety of the pilgrims would take precedence.

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How to be a medieval woman: on the “revelations” of Mary Sharratt https://carfin.org.uk/how-to-be-a-medieval-woman-on-the-revelations-of-mary-sharratt/ https://carfin.org.uk/how-to-be-a-medieval-woman-on-the-revelations-of-mary-sharratt/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 12:41:26 +0000 https://carfin.org.uk/how-to-be-a-medieval-woman-on-the-revelations-of-mary-sharratt/

THE LATE MYSTIQUE OF THE MEDIEVAL Margery Kempe may have been the English-speaking world’s first autobiographer, but she refrained from using the genre’s favorite pronoun. In the Book by Margery Kempe – the 97,000 or so words she dictated to a succession of Amanuense men – the word “I” is clearly absent outside of the dialogue. Instead, Kempe refers to herself in her text as “that creature”. Embracing this makeshift humility, Kempe seems to enjoy telling a life of constant ignominy. Whether at her home in Norfolk or overseas on a pilgrimage, she endures mockery, contemptuous sighs and even spitting from neighbors and strangers. But humiliation works to her advantage: her beloved husband has assured her that he loves her better, “the more she suffers from shame, contempt and reproach” for him.

Of course, this lover, who comforts her when she is taunted in public and who kisses her in the lonely darkness, is none other than Jesus Christ. A handsome man dressed in purple silk, he begins to appear to Margery after the birth of her first child – a traumatic experience that saw her harassed by demons, tearing her skin until she had to be restrained. The Son of Man saves her from this living hell and becomes the love of her life.

By the time she gave birth to her 14th child, Margery couldn’t stand sleeping with her earthly husband. She leaves her hometown of Bishop’s Lynn to go on a pilgrimage, where all her attention is riveted on Jesus: her body in her bed, her voice in her soul, the tears she cries for him, roaring wildly, when she meets everything. which reminds her of her Passion. It is this strong, irrepressible crying that irritates Margery’s Christian brethren so much, providing her with an endless source of ridicule that she can alchemy into divine love.

In his new novel Revelations, Mary Sharratt – a devotee of historical fiction who has written books on Alma Mahler, Shakespeare’s Dark Lady and the 12th-century Benedictine polymath Hildegard von Bingen – approaches Margery’s adventures with keen seriousness, recounting them at the premiere nobody. (In a clean reversal of the source text, Kempe’s characteristic “that creature” appears quite often, but only in dialogue, placed in the mouths of hostile clerics.) Unlike her counterpart in the original, Margery de Sharratt is obligated to to travel not only by the encouragement of her husband and the turmoil of her soul – she is also doing a favor to another lover of God. The anchor Julian of Norwich, who in Kempe’s Delivered offers only a “holy conversation”, submits here his own manuscript, the Revelations of Divine Love, which recounts his visions of God. “I am locked in a stone house,” says Julian. “But you, my sister, roam free.” She asks for Margery’s help to disseminate the text across Europe. It is a call to adventure that Margery is touched enough to accept:

All my desires, all my prayers, all my visions had led me to this place, to this eternal moment when the sun was pouring out through the stained glass to wash our joined hands as red as the blood of passion. My lonely path converged with his. – Yes, I whispered fiercely. “I will carry your book.

I felt like Ruth pledging my faith to Naomi. […] I knew I would find the strength to take whatever happened to me from that point on. For now, I knew my life mattered.

In Sharratt’s account, Julian’s mission has a more powerful transformative effect than God’s own miraculous presence at Margery’s bedside. But Revelations also tackles Margery’s postpartum conversion with a slightly psychologizing twist. When Jesus materializes in his bedroom, he wears the face of his late first love, Martin, the handsome son of wine merchants who was the choice of young Margery over the gray-bearded John Kempe. The two teenagers had decided to tie the knot after Martin made his fortune on an overseas trade mission, but high winds resulted in his shipwreck death. “My beloved sank to the bottom of the sea, taking my heart with him,” recalls a sad Margery. “I didn’t even have his corpse to cry on. His blessed and beautiful flesh. Beata viscera. “She then ends up in John Kempe’s marital bed.

Latin here – beat the viscera – sounds a bit wrong. The phrase, which has unwavering religious connotations, was used most often, in late Middle Ages contexts, to describe the Virgin Mary nourishing the Infant Jesus with her blessed flesh. Encountering the phrase in this context lessens the impact of first contact with the grief of an unconverted Margery: it imposes a layer of emotional distance on a narrative moment that should feel free and raw. “Beata viscera”Is a distracting break in history, an imprecise gesture of a modern author towards the medieval – an attempt at historicism that crumbles into anachronism. More charitably, however, it may point to Christ’s own transtemporal powers in history. What’s her appearance in front of Margery, after all, if not a breakup? This seemingly out of place Latin phrase perfectly foreshadows Martin’s re-emergence in Margery’s life, the deity shining through her dead and beloved face.

While the anhistorical use of beat the viscera can be justified in the context of Margery’s experiences, other anachronistic slippages are more difficult to reconcile. Some of them are insignificant: a one-stage character, say, loaded with a name coined in the 1800s. Others are more important distractions. Taken together, they make Sharratt’s Middle Ages somewhat threadbare, contemporary sensibilities eroding his historic construction of the world.

In all fairness, the world of Revelations is skillfully dressed, his players sumptuously – and appropriately – costumed. When it comes to sensory detail, Sharratt’s prose is fine and full-bodied, delivering the textures and smells that made up 15th-century living: spicy burgundy and undyed wool, cheese that ‘smelled like hot, tired feet from’ a pilgrim. . “Sharratt’s grip on historical verisimilitude, however, often loosens when it comes to the content of the mind of his elaborately dressed heroine. At one point, for example, Margery becomes concerned about the” obscene assessment “that she would invite as a woman traveling alone, concluding that she would only be” left in peace “if she played” the role of a mad religious fanatic spouting words of impending doom. Margery’s fear of sexual harassment, drawn directly from Kempe’s own account, invites empathetic identification, but her determination to play the “religious fanatic” gives me pause. Is it the voice of a 15th century woman who sleeps with her God and roars in pain at his suffering, listening to him as he foretells earthquakes and deaths? Or is it the judgment of a twenty-first century author, shaping his protagonist to the tastes of a readership for whom mysticism is folly and faith can all too easily turn into fanaticism?

On the way from Bishop’s Lynn to Compostela, Sharratt’s Margery takes, from certain angles, the appearance of a contemporary woman in a medieval skirt, sinking into interior monologues that seem timeless. At one point, she reflects on one of the accusations that lie in wait for her at home and abroad: an association with the heretical and proto-Proto-Protestant Lollard movement. “Where would I be in a Commonwealth Lollard?” Margery wonders:

Would there be a place for women like me, women who refused to be obedient wives or cloistered nuns but who chose to roam the world freely? What if it was true that their wives were preachers? That the women of their order even served communion? The shock of such a possibility left me stunned. […] If the Lollards won, would the women be side by side with the men?

Sharratt is not wrong, of course, to bring to the fore the themes of the genre that run through Margery’s work. Delivered. Kempe, after all, shows herself dressed in transgressively white – the color of consecrated virgins – long after the birth of her 14th child. The violence she faces stems, inevitably, from her femininity: she fears sexual assault on the pilgrimage route, and her own husband threatens her with rape. Today commentators were particularly attracted by the gender dimension of the Delivered, reflecting with emotion on her status as a mother writer, on her determination to redraw the limits of a world that tried to bind her to her home.

The reflections Sharratt puts in Margery’s mouth belong to the long-standing feminist reception of Kempe’s work. But her monologue Lollardry presents her as a bumper sticker slogan – the proverbial opposite of the wise woman who rarely makes history. In its style and effect, the passage feels like a punch, a smooth and triumphalist intrusion of the cat hat era into a 15th century world. Inside Margery’s white dress is a well-meaning Voter Clinton who cares deeply, albeit in a diffuse way, about women’s issues, and who may be just beginning to grapple with the heavy implications. to bend over. First publicity documents for the framework of the novel Revelations like a “fifteenth century Eat Pray Love”, And it’s easy enough to imagine Julia Roberts, the on-screen replacement for memorialist Elizabeth Gilbert, also playing Margery de Sharratt. With the light of Jerusalem gilding her cheekbone, she turned her serious gaze to the Holy Sepulcher, disclosing her desire to “marvel at something” – expressing harmless feminism in her well-modulated voice.

Taken in these terms, Revelations does exactly what he sets out to do: pull a woman out of her distressing situation and send her on a journey of wellness across the world. In fact, Sharratt’s obvious debt to the welfare movement isn’t even the first such interpretation of this type of the source text: Five years ago, Penguin Classics republished Margery Kempe’s book as How to be a medieval woman.


Lucia Tang is an essayist, critic and occasional journalist currently based in Minneapolis. His work appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Electric literature, and JSTOR Daily, among other places.

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Posted on June 04, 2021 at 1:25 p.m.


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At school, I’m sure I was at Mary Anning House. As the only band inspired by a famous woman from elementary school in my small town, it was pretty cool back then. We’ve heard endless stories about Anning and how she was a talented paleontologist, working from her small storefront next to the rugged shore of the Jurassic Coast and selling seashells and ammonites to tourists. She should have lived in London, they said; his pieces were in the Natural History Museum. She should have joined a geological or geographic society, but they were not open to female members.

Selfish as she is, a part of me is happy that she was not absorbed into the London intellectual scene. In this way, she belongs to my part of the world, Dorset and the rocky shores of its coastline, where I too would spend hours digging in rocks and freezing my toes in the turbulent waves of the gray Lyme Sea. Regis. She absolutely deserves the recognition she never got, and that her fossils be properly labeled with her name, but there is no doubt that she loved Dorset, and she gave me a reason to love her too .

When I heard that Francis Lee was making a film about Anning’s life, it seemed important and timely to me. But, I didn’t understand the impact the Ammonite was about to have on me when I sat down to watch him on a frosty evening in Dorset after a salty walk on the beach.

I had seen the interviews and knew that Lee had portrayed Anning as “controversially” in a lesbian relationship, although there was no evidence of such a relationship. But there’s no proof that she was straight either, and there are some pretty indicative love letters between her and her close friends. Historians might say they were roommates: but were they really?

Regardless of Anning’s sexuality, watching a pair of women fall beautifully, painfully in love on the same shores that I had dug and buried my feet with my hair sticky with sea salt had an impact on me that I didn’t. still not fully understand.

Watching Anning and her lover Charlotte frolic in the sea and share candlelit bread with muddy fingers and windswept cheeks, I couldn’t think of anything else for days. I had been in that display case, I had paid £ 5 to hire a small hammer and a bucket to dig like Anning for fossils, only finding ammonites. I squinted at the sign that briefly described Anning’s life and work.

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