Celebrate Australia’s indigenous culture July 4-11 and year round

Held annually in July, NAIDOC Week is designed to celebrate contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and bring together the many diverse communities across the country. (Note, the accompanying National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony has been postponed).

The NAIDOC Weekly Activities on offer are as varied as you can imagine: from the Indigenous Geelong Supercats NBL Tour at Victoria’s Geelong Oval (July 9) to Dreamtime Markets in Rockhampton, Queensland on July 10, in passing through rolling events at the WA Perth Boola Bardip Museum, which opened last November. Almost all that is on offer is free entry.

To discover See naidoc.org.au for the list of proposed events and more information. Please check for COVID-19 restrictions wherever you intend to book.

Iconic art & the fashion show is back

Now in its 12th year, the popular Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) is back in August – with a trendy twist.

When it launched in 2009, the three-day event drew more than 10,000 people, nearly a third of whom identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary in 2019, more than 45,410 visitors attended. The show maintained its appeal last year despite the pandemic, with a scaled-down digital program seen by 2.6 million people in 80 countries on Facebook posts and CIAF livestreams.

As the fair prepares to come back live in August this year, organizers have appealed to Indigenous models for a parade titled Spirit & History. The 90-minute fashion show will feature collections that talk about “sacred sites and places of creation significance” by designers based in Queensland.

Organized by Melbourne-based artist Clinton Naina and choreographed by dancer, model and choreographer Hans Ahwang, Spirit & History will also explore the importance of preserving the country and its resources.

Naina rose to prominence in the late 1990s with a series called White King, Black Queen, who used bleach and bitumen to explore the corrupt path of colonization; he is a descendant of the Kuku people, of Western Cape York, and of the Meriam people of the Torres Strait. Ahwang is an acclaimed artist from the Moa and Thursday Islands in the Torres Strait.

CIAF Artistic Director Janina Harding said this year’s fashion show will feature “a powerful narrative spanning sustainable fashion, sartorial art and design” that also showcases contemporary and traditional music and dance.

“This performance was never about fashion for the sake of fashion; the message is always meaningful, if not more so than the clothes on display.

Since its inception, the CIAF has achieved $ 8 million in art sales, donated to participating Indigenous artistic communities.

To learn more the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair will take place August 17-22. Spirit & History will be presented through three shows on August 19 and 20 at the Tanks Arts Center. For accommodation, try Crystalbrook riley, which opened in 2018.

Welcome to the country any time of the year

Basket weaving in the Bawaka homeland in eastern Arnhem Land with Lirrwi Tourism. Lirrwi Tourism

Anyone interested in an Indigenous experience should tag the website of Welcome to the country, an easy-to-use resource that lists a wide range of cultural activities on offer in every state and territory at all price points, from the $ 32 Flinders Ranges Sunset Show in South Australia to the five-day Lirrwi Experience at $ 1999 in Arnhem Land.

The site aims to promote four pillars for indigenous communities: economic development, social and cultural development, employment and reconciliation. There is also a boutique, the perfect place to find meaningful gifts.

“When you buy from the Welcome to Country store, you are not just buying a beautiful product, you are purchasing products that directly benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities,” said the CEO of the company, Jason Eades. “Welcome to Country source articles from artists, art centers and manufacturers who have license agreements with artists and pay fair royalties. “

To reserve or shop Go to Welcome to the country.

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