Costco is now the cheapest place for petrol and diesel in the West Midlands

Finding the cheapest deal on petrol and diesel has never been more important as we battle the cost of living crisis. If you rely on your car, getting the most out of every visit to the garage is crucial.

Prices soared after Russia invaded Ukraine, but then fell slightly last month following Rishi Sunak’s spring budget. In the mini-statement, he announced a 5p reduction in fuel tax.

The jury is out on whether this cut filtered down to the forecourts. But whether this is the case or not, all motorists agree that fuel prices are stabilizing or even falling slightly.

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According to the latest data, the big names remain the cheapest places to stock up. In the West Midlands, supermarkets and major petrol retailers currently have the lowest prices.

The only exception is in Birmingham where Costco remains day after day the cheapest place by far. But there’s a catch: To get its cheap gas and diesel, you need to be a Costco member.

Gasoline prices remain stubbornly high

Use of data from, we’ve found some of the cheapest places to stock up. We’ve found the best petrol and diesel deals in Birmingham, the Black Country, Worcestershire and Solihull.

Gasoline prices may vary depending on supply and demand. These prices were correct at the time of writing (Tuesday 19th April) but can change quickly as petrol prices continue to rise.

Cheapest places for a liter within 10 miles of Birmingham city centre:


Costco, Heartlands Parkway – 151.7p

Morrisons, Wednesday – 155.7p

Morrisons, Walsall – 155.7p

Morrisons, Bilston – 155.7p

Morrisons, Willenhall – 155.7p


Costco, Heartlands Parkway – 166.9p

Esso, Church Hill (Church Hill Gas Station) – 169.9p

Morrisons, Little Heather – 170.7p

Morrison, Castle Bromwich – 170.7p

Morrisons, Walsall – 170.7p

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Cheapest places within 10 miles of downtown Worcester:


Esso London Road – 158.9p

Murco, Worcester Road (Powick Service Station) – 158.9p

Gulf A4103 (Btansford Fuel Express Automat) – 159.7p

Texaco, castle street – 159.9p

Essar, Worcester – 159.9p


PO Box Whittington Rd – 169.9p

Esso London Road – 171.9p

Texaco, Blackpole Road – 171.9p

Tesco, Worcester 2 – 171.9p

Tesco, Worcester 1 – 171.9p

Cheapest locations within 8km of Solihull city centre:


Sainsbury’s, Lake Marshall – 155.9p

Tesco Extra, Solihull – 155.9p

Murco Alcester Rd South – 155.9p

Jet, Alcester Road (Mill Pool Hill Service Station) 156.9p

Sainsbury’s, Dorridge – 157.9p


Asda, Shirley – 171.9p

Tesco Extra, Solihull – 171.9p

Murco Alcester Road South – 171.9p

Asda Little Heather – 172.7p

Sainsbury’s, Lake Marshall – 172.9p

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