Dartford best place for business to buy property

Dartford is one of the best places in the country to buy property if you’re a business owner, according to a recent study.

According to a review of stamp duty data by Property Inspect, the area has seen the third fastest growth in commercial property values ​​over the past year.

The total value of commercial properties in Dartford has reached £310million, an increase of 138.46% since last year.

Warrick Swift, commercial director of Property Inspect, said: “The pandemic has significantly disrupted the commercial property sector and from the data it is clear that its effects are still being felt. “With hybrid operation and an increased percentage of consumers buying online, the commercial market has lost the confidence of many of its investors.”

Only two in ten local authorities saw their value rise last year as the pandemic wreaked havoc across the commercial real estate industry.

However, Swift added: “Areas like Dartford prove that commercial property is still of interest to investors and could be a sign of a resurgence in the market as we discover new ways to use commercial property.

“Whether through innovative real estate uses or investments in independent retailers and restaurateurs, these areas are paving the way for the emergence of the commercial real estate industry after the effects of the pandemic.”

Dartford was the only local authority area in South East England to make it into the top 10 strongest commercial property markets. If you are a business owner looking to purchase new office space, this might be the place to go.

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