DeHaat is now certified “Great Place to Work”

NEW DELHI, February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DeHaat, india fastest growing comprehensive AgriTech platform, recently announced that it has been certified as a Great Place to Work. This recognition comes as another feather in the company’s cap on its journey to creating value for the agriculture industry as a whole through technology-infused solutions.

Great place to work® is a global institution that recognizes, nurtures and certifies exceptional work cultures. With a presence in over 60 countries, investigations in 97 countries and over 10,000 organizations in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors, they were able to investigate and produce some of the documents of research that have become the cornerstones of creating and sustaining High Confidence, High Performance Culture™. Over the past three decades, they have successfully cemented their position as the leading authority on all things great workplaces.

Over the years, DeHaat has managed to establish itself as a pioneer in the AgriTech sector. They pride themselves on being a company that champions a cause and have consistently partnered with employees who share the same vision and values. The many triumphs they have racked up over their decade-long journey speaks to that very vision.

By receiving this honor, Shashank Kumarco-founder and CEO – DeHaat, saidAt DeHaat, we are honored to receive this recognition. I take this opportunity to congratulate the DeHaat family, without whom this would not be possible. Today we are a team of over 1200 employees working tirelessly towards a common goal of helping the farming community earn higher incomes and improve their livelihoods. It is the testimony of a capable culture that we have succeeded in impregnating. The very fact that each team member’s vision is aligned with the organization’s “Farmers First” vision is what makes DeHaat a great place to work.

Surabhi Sanchita, Vice President, Human Resources – DeHaat, addedWhen you work in a tech-driven environment, it’s often easy to have a focused approach to things. However, at DeHaat, we believe the journey is more important than the destination. A lot of time and hands-on work has gone into building and maintaining a culture aligned with the “Farmers First” vision of which DeHaat is proud. A culture based on trust, communication and empathy. This honor is a reminder of our responsibility to continue on the path of collaborating with like-minded people who are driven by our cause and arming them with our unique and special benefits, strong training opportunities and our commitment to recognizing employees and imbuing them with a belief that their work makes a difference.

DeHaat is a technology-based B2F platform that offers comprehensive agricultural services to farmers and has been instrumental in the technological revolution of the Indian agricultural sector. They boast of a team of over 1200 highly skilled professionals, working with over 800,000 farmers and 4500 micro-entrepreneurs. Their list of services includes, but is not limited to, the distribution of high-quality agricultural inputs, personalized agricultural advice, access to financial services and market links for the sale of their products.

About DeHaat

DeHaat is india home, the largest comprehensive agritech company. It uses AI-based technologies to revolutionize supply chain and production efficiency in agriculture. Supporting a community of over 800,000 farmers, DeHaat offers services ranging from the distribution of high-quality agricultural inputs, personalized agricultural advice, access to financial services and market links to sell their products. For more information:



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