Flooded residents of Peterborough call on authorities to do more to prevent future risks

Flooding on Boulevard Bourges, near Chemin Thorpe.
Flooding on Boulevard Bourges, near Chemin Thorpe.

On Friday July 9, Peterborough was hit by extreme rainfall, which Anglian Water has since described as a one-time event in 70 years.

This left many homes and businesses in the city facing the effects of water damage.

Among the most affected residential areas was Lea Gardens, just off Thorpe Road, close to the city center.

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A small patch of properties on the street had water in the houses.

A video posted online showed elderly residents needing help from their homes.

One resident who experienced this said: “When we moved to the area, the flooding was not really something that was reported to us as a major problem.

“The risk of flooding has been listed as we are about 300m from a river but to our knowledge the property has never been inundated before.

“The worst we experienced was that a small part of our garden was sometimes flooded due to poor drainage in a nearby parking lot.

“As fate would have it, I was going to call Anglian Water about it on Saturday.

“We saw the water come closer, but it didn’t flow to the door. The problem was with water running through the floor to the level of the carpet, ruining all the carpets and furniture.

“We were told we were covered by our insurance, but we don’t want that to happen again.

“There is a sewage pump nearby and we don’t know if it was working properly, but we think there must be some sort of upgrade. We can fix all the damage, but it is under threat again unless something is done. “

An Anglian Water spokesperson added: We can confirm that the entire sewer system in the area was working as it should.

“Unfortunately, the amount of rain that fell in such a short time; it was about a month of rain which fell in just three hours, was the cause of the floods that the residents suffered.

“Flooding is often an extremely complex problem with many different owners for the drainage system such as highways, local councils and even private owners as well as ourselves.

“When we have periods of heavy rain, standing water can collect on hard surfaces because it cannot drain off quickly enough. A surface water flood like this is much like a bath plug and it takes time for the water to drain.

“We have worked closely with the local council over the past year and have conducted extensive surveys and a cleanup of all of our sewers in the area to make sure they are working as they should.”

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