takes second place at DAO Global Hackathon

San Francisco, United States, December 28, 2021, Chainwire

On December 17, 2021, the DAO Global Hackathon selected Crushed as a 2nd place finalist in the Finance and Operations stream. The award recognizes Grindery’s new solution to help a CAD ‘get things done’ by:

  • Enabling batch payments for salaries, grants, and bonuses
  • Automate reports without trust by leveraging IPFS decentralized storage
  • Integration with Gnosis, Aragon and other leading CAD frameworks

“Overall, I think this aspect of CAD tooling is going to be very important in the future”, Said Sam, from superfluid and track judge at DAO Global Hackathon. “The Grindery team champions the construction process [these] tools and… that make payment management and reporting easier, and they create lots of integrations. We are delighted to experience it.

The Hackathon had over fifty entries and was sponsored by partners such as Aragon, Gitcoin, Near, Polygon, BitDao MetaCartel and other leading web3 projects. It was also the first Hackathon dedicated exclusively to DAOs.

As part of the Eyal event, CEO of DeepDAO pointed out that “assets under management by DAOs have increased 300-fold in less than two years” and we will see a “Cambrian explosion” in DAOs in the months to come, said Tim Delhaes, co-founder of Grindery. According to many web3 insiders, DAOs are where NFTs were about a year ago.

“However, DAOs still lack the basic tools common to any business or startup,” continues Tim, “payments, timesheets, reports. All of these are not just productivity-enhancing gimmicks, but a real requirement to enable trustless collaboration at scale. “Grindery is building the framework, chain and independent tools that these DAOs need.

“Grindery is building a Swiss army knife for existing CAD frameworks. Grindery complements the existing DAO framework like Aragon ‘Pete Abilla from Harmony points out. “That’s why we provided funds to them through the Harmony Grant program earlier this year when we ported Aragon to Harmony Blockchain.”

On The DAO Global Hackathon

The DAO Global Hackathon is a virtual sprint to build governance primitives, sponsored by leading DAO infrastructure vendors. The goal is to resolve the technical limitations of existing CAD tools and build the next frontier of coordination primitives. The winners were selected by a panel of reputable judges, with a chance to win a combined prize pool worth $ 200,000.

About Grinder

Grindery creates software that helps DAOs be more productive and transparent by simplifying payments and reporting. Grindery released its first product as a Chrome extension in the Google Chrome Store. The team of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned developers have already won several Hackathons and are on their way to becoming one of the flagship tools in its class.



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