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LOGAN – The Family Place continues its 40 year celebration of serving, protecting and strengthening families in our area. They do this through workshops, therapy and education services, to name a few.

In KVNU’s For the People program, Krista Useche, manager of Kid’s Place at the Family Place, said they have three different locations – Smithfield, Logan and Hyrum.

“In these centres, we offer three different services. First, our weekly scheduled care, it’s just a break for parents, it’s a two hour break once a week where they can make an appointment, or just take a break for themselves, read a book , whatever they need to do. Then we have our crisis and emergency care for maybe a parent who may be feeling out of breath and just needs a break, they can bring their kids anytime,” said Useche.

And finally, they supply the Starfish Children’s Shelter.

“So when children are removed by DCFS or law enforcement, they come to live with us while they find a suitable placement for them.”

The Family Place relies heavily on community support. On their website (TheFamilyPlaceUtah.org), you can learn more about what they offer, how to volunteer, and information on how to donate.

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