Icarus PvE Survival Takes His Favorite Place in Santa’s Delivery Bag

While Santa Claus was on his tour for the end of the year 2021 holidays, Icarus, a PvE version of the survival genre, was increasingly present under the Christmas tree and in the sack of Santa’s late deliveries.

Icarus is a new take on an increasingly popular survival genre in the gaming world, pitting AI players in teams of up to 8 real players playing together to beat the odds and survive, explore and thrive in the harsh world that is Icarus.

Explore vast forests and open meadows. Image of Icarus.

Icarus is described as “mankind’s greatest mistake,” an effort to colonize planets other than Earth that went horribly wrong when Icarus’ atmosphere collapsed and the planet became a deadly environment. teeming with “wildlife” and delighted by “game-altering weather events”. . “

In Icarus, players can play in teams of up to 8 using the in-game co-op feature. Players must complete missions on Icarus to explore the planet and collect valuable alien materials that can be used for the development of advanced technologies. and / or sold.

Players have the choice of completing time-based missions, or for the more careful, building a permanent house on a server with no time limit.

Discovering the desert by buggy. Image of Icarus.

Missions can yield great rewards, including technology and research gear, however, not reaching the ship in time means the character will be lost in the death trap that is Icarus.

Players must explore Icarus, research and develop new weapons and technology, collect resources, and build a house while struggling to stay alive.

Icarus is available on Steam and is becoming an increasingly popular choice among fans of the survival genre, with the PvE factor playing in Icarus’ favor by presenting players with a new and unique take on the genre.

Icare is developed by RocketWerkz, a team of “veteran” survival developers, and despite the mixed reviews from customers on To smoke, is still trending in the Steam Store.

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