In Detroit, Trey Lyles finds happiness – The Athletic

SAN FRANCISCO — There’s a conversation Trey Lyles, 26, would love to have with himself, 20. It’s brutal but necessary. It is rooted in experience and seasoned with wisdom.

It would look something like this…

“I would tell him to be confident,” Lyles told The Athletic on Monday. “Trust the work you do. Don’t worry about what people are going to say, or what people are going to say about a missed shot or whatever you’re doing there. Go ahead and trust yourself. ”

However, time does not allow us to go back. He just goes forward. Lyles can’t go back in time, re-enter the league and get a leg up that his current version didn’t have. Lyles doesn’t want that, though. He is happy where he is in life, in his job. Lyles appreciates where the lessons and the journey have taken him so far.

“My first two years, if my confidence was down, I would be out there and not shoot the ball. I would let punches pass,” Lyles said. “I would try to be a spin type and move the ball around and stuff like that. I had spurts where my confidence was high and I was playing really well. Then I would have a bad game and the confidence would be shaken.

“Over the years I have tried to improve my mental ability to bounce back. This year was a turning point for me with that. I worked a lot during the off-season on my state of mind. Just having faith in who I am as a player is huge.

Lyles is in his seventh NBA season, playing for the

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