Kuala Lumpur best place to expatriate this year, poll finds

Our dream travel destinations are not always the most suitable for establishing an expat existence.

At a time when turning the page of his daily life by packing his bags is no longer a project to be undertaken lightly, an international ranking provides good leads by highlighting the destinations where settling is the easiest.

Led by the InterNations network, which brings together more than four million expatriates, this analysis takes into account the factors essential to a successful new life away from home: the ease of finding accommodation and work, of meeting friends, cost of living, the quality of public transport, but also the health system, political stability and the climate.

No less than 12,000 expatriates in 186 countries and territories were interviewed for this survey.

If you dreamed of the skyscrapers of New York or of a sunny life on the American West Coast, you might be disappointed … Because the InterNations list does not present any American destination in its top 50.

Asia and the Middle East are the bulk of the wisest choices. While Kuala Lumpur is in pole position thanks to the ease of installation experienced by expatriates in the Malaysian megalopolis, Singapore (5th), Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (6th), Bangkok in Thailand (11th), Shanghai in China (13th) are other best options for expats.

Apart from Singapore and Shanghai, these are places where housing is affordable and where people can live well.

In Ho Chi Minh City, for example, 75% of expats say their salary covers more than their daily needs.

In the Middle East, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Doha (Qatar), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and Muscat (Oman) are the best rated. There is no language barrier, which is fine for 94% of expats living in Dubai.

English easily coexists with local languages. Plus with its indoor ski slope, sensational sporting activities, and extravagant theme parks, Dubai’s leisure portfolio is enough to make you want to spend some time in this currently popular destination for those looking for a change of life. . Eighty-four percent of respondents are delighted with the place.

For those considering relocating to a European country, this ranking may narrow down the options somewhat. Spain emerges as the most feasible possibility, with several cities in the ranking – Malaga (2nd), Madrid (10th) and Barcelona (29th).

In the top 10, only two other cities in Europe are presented as good choices: Prague (7th) in the Czech Republic and Basel (9th) in Switzerland.

Here are the top 10 best destinations for expats:

1. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

2. Malaga (Spain)

3. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

4. Sydney (Australia)

5. Singapore (Singapore)

6. Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

7. Prague (Czech Republic)

8. Mexico City (Mexico)

9. Basel (Switzerland)

10. Madrid (Spain) – AFP Relaxnews

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