Meet Pat Stenko and support Ann’s Place on April 27 at the Ridgefield Playhouse

Ann’s Place is thrilled to bring back its spring parade, On the trail – Tribute to the survivors to April 27 at the Ridgefield Playhouse. The event is hosted by the hilarious Christine O’Leary.

Now in its 6th year, 2022 models will wear spring and summer apparel carefully selected by Audrey Road, located on Bailey Ave in Ridgefield. Tickets for the show are $25. To buy tickets HERE.

*With your donation, you celebrate our role models who are all at different stages of their cancer journey. You say you want to make sure no one has to face their terrible disease alone. Thank you for helping us all celebrate every day and every moment of life.

Here on HamletHub, we are delighted to introduce our readers to these brave, local role models.

Meet Ridgefield Resident and Model Pat Stenko

*Pat’s story highlights the importance of breast self-exams in addition to screenings and routine physical exams.

My cancer story is the importance of breast self-examination. Over twenty years ago, I found a small lump on the side of my breast, almost under my armpit. Routine mammograms had never shown the mass, as it was outside the film fields. The biopsy became a lumpectomy, followed by lymph node resections, chemo and radiation since the size of the tumor was just beyond what would have been safe for a simple lumpectomy (at the time). All subsequent reviews have been perfect. I have been in remission for over 20 years. I thank my doctors, my family and my friends for all their support. I pay tribute to my dear and strong friend Carol, in my support of Ann’s Place. Please donate to this wonderful organization!

Visit Pat’s fundraising page and support this brave model and Ann’s Place HERE.

For more information about the event or to purchase tickets, please visit the event page

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