Ms Hinch fans have torn up the best place to store bread, but one thing’s for sure – the bread bins are out

How or where to store your loaf of bread isn’t ideally the sort of thing that keeps you up at night, but it’s something Ms. Hinch fans can’t agree on.

A kitchen cupboard? The freezer? Above the microwave?

With so many options, there might not be a right answer, but one thing is certain: bread bins are out.

When a member of Ms Hinch’s Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook group asked how others store theirs, nearly 700 people responded.

The poster read: “My bread basket has seen better days and is taking up too much room on the side.

“How do you store yours? »

A straightforward response from a number of commentators was to simply keep it “in a closet”.

One of them added: “…aux biccies” (biscuits).

For households that cannot go through a loaf of bread in a few days, the easiest option was to put it in the freezer.

But for those who might not have the luxury of extra storage space or a pantry, a few had other ideas.

Rather controversially, a large number of band members have said they keep it in the fridge.

“In the fridge, it lasts much longer,” replied one.

But a handful of comments roundly condemned it.

One person said, “Can’t believe how many people keep bread in the fridge?? It’s getting stale!!”

While another said: “The cupboard where it doesn’t sit down so quickly, if the bread was meant for the fridge the supermarkets would store it there.

“I freeze sometimes if I’m not going to finish all the bread because it’s good for toast.”

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A quick Google search, which was also shared as a screenshot by a few members, warned people to “never” leave bread in the fridge.

According to Good Housekeeping, storing bread in the fridge can cause it to go stale faster because starch molecules recrystallize quickly in cool temperatures.

One person said, “Really, it should be fresh every day. Birds have leftovers.”

But for those who can’t get through a loaf of bread in a day, another suggestion was the freezer.

“In the freezer. There are only 2 of us and 1 loaf lasts us about 4 weeks,” said one member of the group.

A third option suggested by Mrs. Hinch’s army was to use the microwave.

Presumably an empty kitchen side container for most of the day, some preferred to use the microwave for storage instead of a bread basket.

One Ms Hinch fan said: “If you don’t use your microwave very often it’s airtight and keeps the bread fresh longer. The only problem is when you need to use it and it stays warm for a while, you have to put the bread somewhere else.”

With the Facebook group tearing up, at the end, the original poster replied, “Thank you all, I’m going to ditch the bread basket and try the fridge.”

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