Peabody’s Brooksby Village retained as a polling place

State Representative Thomas Walsh is adamant about maintaining the location of Brooksby Village as a polling place, which new legislation preserves. (Spenser Hasak)

PEABODY — House Bill 4528, Town of Peabody Ward 4 Polling Station 3 Deed, recently passed by the House and Senate, was signed by Governor Charlie Baker, preserving Brooksby Village as the polling station.

The legislation was originally initiated by State Rep. Thomas P. Walsh (D-Peabody), Rep. Sally P. Kerans (D-Danvers), and Senator Joan B. Lovely (D-Salem).

Walsh said that following the census, every 10 years cities and towns must reconfigure their neighborhoods and neighborhoods, which requires special legislation to maintain the Brooksby sub-neighborhood, a continuing care community facility that houses 1,800 seniors.

“With every decennial census, we have to legislatively approve Ward 4, Precinct 3-A,” Walsh said. “Working with local authorities, Senator Lovely and Rep. Kerans and Councilor Julie Daigle and City Clerk Allyson Danforth, we have successfully re-established this sub-precinct which will ensure the safety and security of all members of the Brooksby community who choose to participate. in the electoral process,” he said.

“Voting is fundamental to our democratic process and it is imperative that residents have access to this constitutional right,” said Lovely. “I’m proud to work alongside Rep. Tom Walsh to make Brooksby Village a polling place for our seniors so they can easily get to polling places and vote close to home.”

Originally established by chapter 78 of the statutes of 2005, the polling sub-district has served Brooksby Village for over fifteen years. More recently, the sub-prefecture of Brooksby Village was reauthorized in February 2012.

The city has responded to residents’ concerns about the safety of Route 114, particularly its middle left-turn lane. Brooksby is located on a part of the road that has seen many traffic accidents in recent years resulting in serious injuries and in some cases fatalities.

Walsh said maintaining the location of the sub-prefecture is important to residents of Brooksby.

“This voting sub-district in Brooksby Village is an important convenience and safety measure for the residents who live here,” Walsh said. “Route 114 is currently undergoing a state traffic safety audit and allowing residents to remain in their community to vote alleviates the hassle of traveling on Route 114, which is often busy during off-peak hours. vote,” he said.

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