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A new real estate boom in the 7th ZAC

Among the hottest topics in the housing market this year, the hottest topic in central and southern Taiwan is undoubtedly the location of TSMC’s new factories. Such as Sinhua or Shanhua District in Tainan Science Park Extended Urban Area, which has seen a two- or three-fold increase in price, while the presale transaction price of Nanzi District in Kaohsiung rises firmly at NT$300,000 per ping. It is obvious that the subject of science parks has a strong positive influence on the price of housing. Additionally, rumors of TSMC’s plans to build their new 2nm factory in Taichung have been reported many times, if the rumors are true, it will strongly support the housing price in the area.

Science park combined with transport makes the housing market promising

The Taichung City Government team actively invites enterprises to invest in the city, aims to expand the scale of high-tech industry and increase its production value and added value.

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Until May this year, the money invested in Taichung reached 147.8 billion Taiwan dollars. Moreover, the eight economic indicators for the first quarter also topped the nation as a whole for the third consecutive time.

In order to have more land to support the development of the next generation of high-tech industry, Taichung Science Park selected the adjacent 94-hectare land for its Phase II expansion. Its range includes the Taichung Golf & Country Club and its surrounding lands.

The relevant plan review and land acquisition process is expected to be completed as early as next year. On the other hand, news of TSMC’s 2nm factory expansion has spread like wildfire through the housing market, a new wave of labor force will drive inelastic living demands, which serves as a direct reminder for the region’s irrigation market.

Photo: Taken from Taichung City Government Project Report

The city government has also preemptively addressed traffic problems that the development of industrial clusters might cause. Thanks to the traffic network formed by the Shizheng Road Expansion Project, Taichung Science Park West and South Access Roads, National Highway 1 and 3 and Highway 74, it quickly connects the galleries high-tech to the main living circles, which includes the new city government area in the 7th redevelopment area which only requires a 20-minute drive、Shuinan Trade and Economic Park and so on, they both become the areas first choice for tech newbies when considering buying a home.

Living Along Science Parks Enjoys Stable Real Estate Price and Price Increase Benefits

According to local business owners, as soon as the news of TSMC’s 2nm factories comes out, the more dense the public transport networks are becoming day by day, there are many alternative transport between railway infrastructure, which attracts many investors to buy a home in the new city government living circle. The new city government district is the crucial political, economic, financial and cultural center of Taichung, it is also the well-known international architecture Coliseum. will work, which intersects with the MRT green line at the city government station, accompanied by department stores and a shopping area. Shizheng Road can be described as the future center where luxury hotels and high-end commercial buildings gather, which has all the advantages of natural development and man-made planning.

As we can see from the actual price record data, the current trading in the 7th redevelopment area presale market is heavy, new index projects such as “Shizheng Xin Rui”、”Platinum Mansion”、”Above and Beyond” and so on, the transaction price per ping fell to between 7 or 8 initial, even in some cases to 9 initial. With the additional price effect of the adjacent redevelopment area, as well as new technological advancements taking hold in the area, the price of housing in the 7th redevelopment area will continue to perform well. (Advertising)

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