Rahul Gangwan – a light of time, a leading light of success, deep influences and a great source of inspiration

The 28-year-old young entrepreneur Rahul gangwani is the owner of most of the biggest shopping malls, clubs and lounges in India and Dubai. Some of the gems are “Vegas Mall” and “Mohali Walk” in India and AER Lounge DIFC in Dubai-UAE and many more.

Who himself established his foundation for the sole purpose of providing his visitors with an undisputed and authentic commercial shopping experience that they surely will never have encountered in a local mall located anywhere in the country. By buying their favorite and designated products, or simply by walking around the premises of our shopping centers.

Through a bohemian series of business meetings to outline their business models and invoke their beliefs by simply creating their own legacy. He became the owner of Vegas and Mohali Walk Mall in India.

This mindset has certainly worked for him in his business ventures and has also been successful in the past when he was just starting out. to venture out on his entrepreneurial expeditions after graduating from Lancaster University in Business Management.

Mohali Walk Retail shopping center

Mr. Gangwani believed that the concept of a retail mall should work with the foundation of effectively representing its merchants and building it with easily accessible pathways leading from a particular brand merchandiser or a store stop to one. other.

Maybe that’s why, the 2 acres Mohali Walk Shopping Center is located next to the Chandigarh de Mohali road which has 4 open exits and established by complying with both the high demands and expectations of commercial store investors and warmly welcomed visitors. About a hundred high-profile brands have already registered to rent their designated commercial spaces for conducting business.

In addition, all of the main exhibition halls face the atrium and the road, and are equipped with a large car park, high-speed elevators, sky bars, a 7-screen multiplex, combinations of service, retail space and food courts. On the bonus side, the ‘Mohali Walk’ shopping center is tucked away in the 15 minutes radius of the international airport.

About the Vegas Mall in Dwarka, Delhi

Now if we talk about the exciting Vegas Mall in Dwarka, Delhi. Well, this is undoubtedly a famous shopping center in Delhi, which is also home to Delhi’s first and largest 12-screen PVR Superplex, built over a massive 70,000 square feet and equipped with an opulent and state-of-the-art frame. systems in its fun auditoriums.

In the vicinity of the Vegas Mall, you will find the food court to please your stomach by choosing from a wide range of delicious treats. Plus if you go from there. Then you might come across a range of clothing and shopping stores like; FILA, Crocs, Max, BLACKBERRYS, BIBA, Van Heusen, Rolls King, WOW Momo and American Eagle store to buy your casuals for complementary and more famous occasions.

As a young entrepreneur, Mr. Rahul Gangwani realized the models helping to make changes in the business model of his mall. A matured general demography and an expanded urbanization, which implies more individuals living in more modest spaces and a more notable need for public spaces in which to mingle and gather.

Manageability issues mean that a few customers favor advancements in mixed use where they can live, shop and work within walking distance – rather than getting into a vehicle and driving to a crowded and congested local commercial location. .

See, despite its universality. Malls, like our Vegas Mall in Dwarka and Mohali Walk Mall, certainly meet the standards expected of emerging malls. A storm of global trends are simultaneously meeting to cause malls to change the very work they play in the lives of individuals.

They are never fundamentally focused on shopping again. Currently, when buyers visit shopping centers, they look for meetings that succeed well beyond traditional purchasing practices.

Be a motivated young entrepreneur and professional expert in the highly competitive field of financial advice and business management. Rahul Gangwani always thinks of creating thought-provoking organic business ideas in his mind, in order to enthusiastically share them with his business partners and relatives.

He also believes that “life is about building relationships and building networks of trust.” He is currently staying in the United Arab Emirates to explore his professional adventures and take the utmost care of car collections as a luxury and sports car enthusiast.

The AER bar and lounge at DIFC, Dubai

Rahul gangwani is an emerging and dominant young entrepreneur and his trusted partners Sannath, shitij Malhotra and kanishk tuteja have invested in AER DIFC Dubai who have made their dreams come true ensuring that all club visitors have a good ol ‘luxury time , celebrate their life and get the ideal kind of Dubai nightlife when they come to walk around the downtown area of ​​the city.

His partner Sannath Shetty, a 29-year-old entrepreneur with a background in hospitality, has a business degree and is currently appointed as the co-owner of one of Dubai’s main lounges, the AER Bar Restaurant and the DIFC lounge.

Shitij Malhotra and kanishk tuteja are the owners of 1OAK- New Delhi, INDIA. They both also have more luxurious places like – WE QUTUB, NUKKAD CAFE & BED DELHI.

Mr. Gangwani and his beloved partners are certainly poised to implement new changes, developments and breakthrough projects dominating in the hospitality and nightlife industry in Dubai, UAE.

AER Dubai – An experience to remember

Good, AER Dubai literally stands out and truly lives up to its name as “An Experience to Remember”. With the upscale, luxurious and opulent seating areas, gold painted walls, Black Ji Shisha and a wide choice of Mediterranean cuisines to choose from our 5-course menu.

In which you have the choice from a wide variety of salads, hot and cold starters, sushi, tacos, platters, desserts and Italian pasta and risotto. Our dedicated and talented chefs are often complimented by our customers for serving them with.

AER Bar Dubai – A great place to relax after a day’s work

The AER bar restaurant and lounge is truly going to translate into a relaxing, memorable and luxurious experience where you will get all the booze, shisha and the exciting nightlife that is available out there in this world right now! !

In addition, nestled on level C of the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center), the AER Bar & Dining restaurant also offers its visitors to enjoy an exceptionally opulent atmosphere, Japanese, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with their drinks and moment when you smoke the fnest and the best BLACK Ji Shisha in the world.

Habibi !! Smoke and let’s Dance to music

Dance to quaint and aesthetic Arabic music and other mainstream music tunes backwards while smoking shisha and puffing clouds in the air The favors are endless and you got it right in. your bars to smoke it while having your drink with friends. Rahul Gangwani often organizes parties for his guests and organizes his private parties at AER Bar and Black Ji Shisha Lounge for his friends.

Posted on May 22, 2021

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