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MOORHEAD – Reed’s Event Center is taking off as a venue for events of all kinds.

Christine Conrad, owner of Reese & Riley’s Olive Oil and Bistro Bar at the Azool Center, says Reed’s has grown busier since opening for Easter.

“We’re really starting to get our name out there,” Conrad said on Wednesday, June 29. “I feel like we’re different…just in the sense that we’re not this huge space.”

Reed is named after his youngest son. The bright and airy 2,500 square foot space seats 135 people, has a bar, and can accommodate a DJ with room to dance.

The event location at 935 37th Ave. S. has hosted events for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and fundraisers for corporate groups.

Reed’s can accommodate smaller bridal parties, Conrad said, but his ideal location serves more intimate gatherings: birthday and anniversary parties, bridal and baby showers, bridal dinners, corporate trainings, parties of business. “Anything and everything in between,” she said.

Being physically connected to Reese & Riley’s means that along with the restaurant’s kitchen, she can also easily organize events for customers.

“It’s also a full-service place. You’re not just renting me a space. You get a hopefully memorable experience,” with the food, service and atmosphere, Conrad said. “I try to capture the details that are sometimes missing when you have to be your own organizer or event planner.

Conrad had planned a 90-day construction for the event center, but it took over eight months. Most of the delays were due to supply chain issues, she said.

Reed’s Event Center, seen on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, is co-located with Reese & Riley’s Olive Oil and Bistro Bar at 935 37th Ave. S., Moorhead.

Helmut Schmidt / The Forum

“We were waiting on the doors, then we were waiting on the counters. And then we were waiting for wallpaper. It was like, is this space ever going to be done? Konrad said. “It was very long and stressful. I’m glad it’s done, I can tell you the same.

Delays have taken a bite out of getting a share of this year’s wedding bookings.

“We probably won’t get a ton of weddings until next season, just because we haven’t booked anything in advance,” she said. “We didn’t know when this place was going to be finished.”

Conrad said she has seen her business evolve and grow. She started by selling oils and vinegars, then added the restaurant. When the pandemic hit, she added more take-out meals and did more offsite catering. Now she has Reed’s event center. This fall, she aims to bring back the Sunday brunches that were popular at Reese & Riley’s.

“Something has always evolved out of this business every year,” Conrad said. “Which is nice in these times. This allows you to continue.

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