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Life at Regency Retirement Resorts is designed to be enjoyable, enriching and engaging, but in at least one recent case, it has also become rejuvenating.

When Mike and Susan Allen found out their son was expecting their first grandchild, they couldn’t have been more thrilled! At the time, the Allens lived in Winnipeg. They were retired and so made the monumental decision to move to Kelowna to be closer to their family.

“We weighed our life options – should we buy, should we build, should we rent? Suzanne said.

Through their research, they discovered Regency Retirement Resorts and its unique retirement lifestyle and discovered the brand new Regency Summerwood Retirement Resort in Kelowna. The Allens liked the emphasis on an enriched lifestyle, plenty of amenities, and the emphasis on socializing. They knew immediately that Summerwood would be a perfect fit for them.

The new complex was nearing completion, so they made phone calls and began to formulate their plans.

“They made the decision based on phone calls and plans – they never set foot on the property,” said Ed Hall, president of Regency Retirement Resorts. Their new suite was ready for them when they moved from Winnipeg.

A pleasant and engaging life

Summerwood is the seventh and newest of the Regency Retirement Resorts. The Regency concept was formulated about 20 years ago when the founding families of Kelowna Kornell and Hall realized there was a huge hole in the senior housing market. While the existing senior residences offered care and services, no one cared for the cheerful senior who wanted to stay engaged and active during retirement. Regency has set itself the goal of offering a pleasant and engaging life in a beautiful environment enriched with amenities. A place you would be proud to call home!

The very first Regency Retirement Resort was Sandalwood in the Glenmore area of ​​Kelowna and it was immediately successful. Ed notes that, “As it was filling up, people kept coming to me and saying, ‘Where’s next? So one after another, now there are seven.

Each Regency Retirement Resort is full of rewarding amenities. In addition to an elegant and tasteful dining room where meals prepared by the chef are served daily, there is a lounge by the fire, a garden veranda, a country kitchen, a sports lounge. , a complete cinema room, a carpentry workshop, a wine-making and tasting room, playroom for grandchildren and much more.

The cinema is a source of particular pride for Hall. Many residents in their 80s remember taking their best daughter to the cinema on Saturday night, which was lavishly decorated in the Art Deco style of the time. To revive these fond memories of the past, all Regency theaters are once again richly decorated in the Art Deco of yesteryear.

Housekeeping and laundry services are performed every two weeks, leaving you free to participate in a wide selection of activities and events.

Hall jokingly refers to Regency as offering Cruise Ship Living… without getting seasick!

The equipments also offer health benefits

“Typical residents have always been single women. However, we are finding more and more singles and couples who want to move, so we have created spaces especially for men, ”says Hall. To make men feel more comfortable, Regency has added sports lounges with poker and pool tables, carpentry workshops, mini-golf courses, shuffleboard, outdoor gardens and natural trails. Lots of opportunities to get out and pursue personal interests or enjoy the company of other residents.

When Mike and Susan moved to Summerwood, Mike’s health was compromised. “He broke a vertebra in his back in October. When we got to Summerwood he was in a walker, ”says Susan. “I think the stimulation here – people, the extra walking we’re doing here – he threw the walker out! The Allens call it the miracle of regency because of Mike’s huge jump in recovery.

“It’s not uncommon – we see the experience as a kind of rejuvenation when people move here,” says Hall. “It so embodies what we set out to achieve. Our goal is for residents to enjoy healthier, happier and more engaging lives at Regency than they could elsewhere. Learning that it has worked for our residents, especially the Allens, is so rewarding. It allows us to be very proud of who we are, what we do and the difference we make in the lives of our residents.

Housing for the elderly

Each Regency Retirement Resort is packed with amenities that enrich life, including an elegant and tasteful dining room and an Art Deco-style theater.

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