Rufato on Chem-Trend’s place in the industry

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Marcos Aurelio Rufato studied chemistry and began his professional career as a development chemist for a renowned manufacturer of friction parts in Brazil. About 30 years ago, Rufato joined Chem-Trend Brazil, continuing his career in technical and commercial sales, reaching today the position of National Sales Manager at Chem-Trend – Southern Hemisphere. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he has helped several major global customers solve their production issues by providing value-added release solutions, technical support and advice.

The BRAKE report posed a series of questions to the sales manager; here are his answers:

What can you tell us about your business and the markets you serve?

We serve a wide range of fabricators who mold, cast, form or press parts for multiple industrial applications. The Chem-Trend family of mold release agents is specially formulated to increase manufacturing efficiency, reduce production costs and improve shop cleanliness. Our continued Advances in mold release agent solutions focused on water-based, low-VOC technologies are helping to increase productivity and improve the quality of a wide variety of automotive components. For over 60 years, our technical experts have worked side-by-side with manufacturers to develop distinct processes specialty chemicals tailored to the greatest challenge, to the smallest detail, and everything in between. We are fully focused on creating unique solutions that improve casting and foundry processes, so you can operate more efficiently with less waste, more uptime and fewer rework.

What are the toughest challenges your organization is facing right now, short-term and long-term?

Our challenges are our customers’ challenges – we face these problems together. Raw material changes driven by fluctuations in supply as well as the desire for more sustainable solutions may necessitate short-term changes in our development and testing approaches. When you consider the long-term challenges, the e-mobility trend will inevitably call for changes in component manufacturing, including molding requirements. We are now looking to the future to truly be seen as a partner alongside our customers as they navigate these trends.

What sets your business apart from your competitors?

What is incredibly unique about Chem-Trend is our holistic approach to solving customer manufacturing issues. Not only can we simulate specific customer applications in a lab environment, but we also take into consideration the manufacturing process parameters and other variables of each customer’s situation when formulating the best technology. And we don’t just produce our technology in a vacuum – our expertise extends beyond chemical formulation to provide a complete and objective view of the process to be able to identify potential changes in the approach to manufacturing. application as well as the technology used, all to offer better solutions to our customers.

What are the best opportunities for the company?

The friction market is a great opportunity to bring the benefits we offer to an industry that faces many production challenges. The combination of curable binder resins and abrasive blends requires advanced mold release agents and mold protectors to provide clean and easy mold release while protecting molds and minimizing product contamination. As mold fouling is a major challenge facing the industry, we (Chem-Trend) provide advanced mold release agents that minimize mold fouling and buildup, both improving both customer productivity and part quality. We take the time to understand a customer’s needs, which allows us to provide creative solutions to problems with painting or sticking friction components. We’re here to help friction manufacturers and look forward to expanding our collaboration.

Tell us something most people might not know about you or your organization.

Chem-Trend was based on the concept of sustainability, even before the concept was widely known by this term. Since our inception in 1960, we have always believed that sustainability is not just a corporate mandate, but rather a compass guiding the way business should be done. In the early days of friction manufacturing, Chem-Trend was at the forefront of the significant transition from clinochrysotile (asbestos) to more environmentally friendly materials. We continue to aspire not only to minimize our impact, or footprint, on the environment, but also to leverage our expertise and capacity for innovation to maximize our customers’ sustainability, which becomes our footprint.

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