Scot Squad star Darren Connell reveals embarrassing tattoo in unlikely location

A SCOT Squad star has revealed the hilarious story behind his embarrassing tattoo after a drunken teenage vacation.

Actor Darren Connell of the popular sketch show has described the questionable decision after opting for intimate inking during a sunny break in Tenerife aged 15.


Darren is best known for his portrayal of Bobby in Scot Squad
The comedian also hosts his own podcast Straight White Whale


The comedian also hosts his own podcast Straight White Whale

The comic, who plays popular character Bobby on the BBC programme, was speaking on his Straight White Whale podcast when he made the surprise admission of having his nickname stamped on his bum.

Darren said: “I was out of my trash can. I was drunk and I remember walking into a tattoo shop and saying “that one”.

“But it was a Native American face and he said it was $700.

“I said ‘Well, what can I get for 60?’

“So basically I got my ass tattooed – and it was comical without by the way.”

Darren, who was on holiday with two pals and their parents, added: “When I was younger, my brother’s buddies called me Daranski, a stupid nickname.

“For the rest of the vacation, I couldn’t swim.

“His mum and dad were booking boat trips and stuff and they were like ‘why can’t you go in the water?

“I had to lie and say I was afraid of drowning and all that.

I was so excited for my first tattoo at 18 – he totally messed it up and now I’m stuck with it forever

“But that was because I had a huge tattoo on my a**e.

“A few years later, I was studying television production and sound recording and there were a few Poles in my class.

“For some reason I talked about my tattoo.

“I showed them and they said it was a very popular name in Poland

“I don’t know if it’s true but that’s what they told me.”

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