Scottish Crannog Center reopens to visitors after devastating fire

The Scottish Crannog Center has partially reopened to visitors after a devastating fire over the weekend left many fears for the future of the iconic museum.

Residents shared their sadness over the fire that destroyed the reconstructed crannog, an Iron Age river dwelling.

The museum’s collection survived the fire, which left the unique wooden structure attached to it destroyed.

Historians had praised the Living Museum for providing a unique glimpse into life on the Iron Age waterways in Scotland.

Scottish Crannog Center reopens

A number of visitors came to the center on the first day of its reopening and were greeted by staff eager to show off the collection.

Speaking on its reopening, Scottish Crannog Center director Mike Benson said he hoped people would visit them and show their support.

We reported how the Scots rallied to support the center, raising tens of thousands of pounds to help it recover.

Over £ 41,000 has now been raised by 1,398 benevolent donors in response to the fire, with the money to be used to help rebuild the center.

Mike Benson said it had not yet been decided how the money would be used, but said discussions were underway to resolve the issue.

He said that previously staff had been “overwhelmed” by the kindness shown in the aftermath of the fire.

Visitors to the center on Thursday /

“It left me feeling small. Kindness made me cry, ”he said.

A new crannog center was already planned on the north shore of Lake Dalerb.

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