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Submitted Photo A Liechty Homes model home is ready for visitors to view at the North Dakota State Fair.

Liechty Homes of Minot is a must-see attraction at the North Dakota State Fair.

Tom Erie, managing director of Liechty Homes, worked for the company for the 21 years that the company presented its model homes at the fair. Erie said that with the exception of the pandemic shutdown year, Liechty Homes supported the fair by showcasing a home for the community and the state of North Dakota.

Erie estimates around 2,000 people per day pass through the house and more than 20,000 for the duration of the week-long event. During fair days with a famous artist, the model house tends to attract more visitors, and several times during the day it is full of people who want to look at the new trendy finishes of the house and cool off in the air conditioning . .

Erie said that due to customer demand in North Dakota and trending home designs nationally, he sees a lot of larger square footage floor plans for farming communities, d livestock and oil. Since space isn’t an issue in the state, Erie said, homes tend to have larger floor plans, darker colors, black vinyl windows and trim, and a larger kitchen, bathrooms and changing rooms.

The model home is designed specifically for the needs of area residents and is built in a Minnesota factory, trucked directly to the State Fair grounds, and assembled as if installed on a customer’s property, a Erie said. At the end of the fair week, if it is not sold at the fair discounted price, the house is put back into the sale lot for about a year. Unless the house is sold at the fair, it is moved in pieces or sometimes as is.

Erie said putting the house up and moving it off the fairgrounds is worth it because he gets a bounce, usually selling a few similar models at the showcase house. Erie said it’s difficult to gauge or determine the impact of fair traffic on sales overall because floor plans, sizes and colors of homes vary. But he said there was definitely an interest in the quality of homes.

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