Six Great Walks Guided Operators Under Investigation For Playhouse Reservation System

The compliance team worked with staff at the DOC Visitor Center who reviewed all of Great Walk’s local bookings and reported any that looked suspicious, Taylor said.

“If it turns out that operators are violating their concession agreements, they must either update their reservations or have seats canceled.

“This compliance action is in addition to the standard work undertaken each year by drop-in centers to verify any irregular bookings with the public, operators, schools and community groups.”

Speculative reservations are a relatively rare problem.

“Compliance measures were only required with six operators whose bookings equal approximately 0.2% of Great Walk refuge and camping space in the coming season,” Taylor said.

“However, where it does happen, we have systems in place to identify and respond to it.

“High season dates on the Grandes Promenades can be booked quickly and it is important that access is equal for all. Anyone who abuses the system is doing so to the detriment of the public and the vast majority of dealers and agents, who offer a important service on these markets and respects the rules.

He urged those who suspect that a business on the Grandes Promenades may not be following the rules to alert the local DOC visitor center.

DOC’s opening day booking data showed that public or independent bookings made up 93% of total nights booked with dealerships accounting for around 4% of bookings and that school or community groups filled the rest.


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