Steam Deck Takes Top Spot in Steam’s Weekly Bestsellers Chart

Valve’s Steam Deck reached No. 1 on Steam’s weekly bestseller chart, beating out Elden Ring, The Skywalker Saga and others.


Unlike Valve’s previous mainline hardware project, Steam Engines, steam bridge seems to be doing much better on all fronts. The portable gaming PC seems to be enjoying reasonably widespread adoption rates, with the only ceiling being that Valve can’t produce more at this time.

The idea that Steam Deck is doing well is supported by information from SteamDB, which shows that the device has fought its way to the top of Steam’s weekly bestseller chart. It easily beats the likes of Ring of Elden and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagabut there are some things to keep in mind about this development.


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Specifically, the SteamDB chart lists games by revenue, and it goes without saying that any Steam Deck costs a bit more than even a new AAA game. Still, with increasing Steam Deck shipments, daily improvements in software support, and a growing list of out-of-the-box games with minimal fuss, the SteamDB chart seems like a good showcase of what’s in store. expect from Valve’s first foray. in portable games.

An image of the Steam Deck showing the correct control buttons and analog stick.

Many improvements to the Steam Deck have already been made since the device’s launch, and while the device’s software and user interface still needs a lot of work, Valve is making great strides with each update. major of the operating system it offers. Naturally, that means early adopters aren’t getting an ideal experience right now, but the SteamDB chart suggests that users are okay with sticking with the growing pains of SteamOS 3.0.

Valve has previously discussed its future plans for Steam Deck, citing boosted production rates and software improvements across the board, as well as a growing list of games that gamers could simply pick up and play, as if using a appropriate console. With over 2,000 games already awarded Verified or Playable status badges and with a wide variety of untested games running flawlessly, every Deck user can likely find a new game to play whenever they feel like it.

Going back to Valve’s old PC “console” devices, Gabe Newell thought Steam Machines might beat consoles sometime in 2015. However, that particular project ended up being a long-term dud. But it’s worth bearing in mind that without Steam Machines, there probably wouldn’t be a Steam Deck either, as the failed experiment laid the groundwork for many ideas that eventually came to fruition with the Deck. In any case, the future of the device does indeed look bright.

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Source: Steam DB

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