Strict measures are applied to Victorian products when new fruit fly outbreaks are declared

The strict measures came into effect as two new outbreaks of fruit flies in the Mediterranean were declared in Port Augusta and Warradale after maggots were found in backyard fruit.

Victorian fumigators will need to undertake detailed fruit inspections prior to fumigation and shipment, update packaging requirements and implement improved traceability as part of new requirements imposed following a surge of larvae. Queensland fruit flies found in local supermarkets earlier this year.

The two new outbreaks are not believed to be related to fruit or vegetables imported from Victoria.

Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister David Basham said the new arrangements are now in place to protect the state’s $ 1.3 billion horticulture industry threatened by the fruit fly and the thousands of jobs it supports.

“In response to detections of live fruit fly larvae in fumigated fruit imported to South Australia earlier this year, Marshall’s Liberal government called on the Victoria government to tighten current fumigation requirements for fruit flies. fresh produce destined for South Australia, said Minister Basham.

“The movement of fresh produce from the Victorian FreshMax fumigator to South Australia was immediately halted and following a thorough audit of their processes, stricter controls were put in place, allowing the company to resume its activities.

“We have looked at the interstate systems that defend South Australia against the fruit fly and the Liberal government under Marshall is doing everything in its power to protect the $ 1.3 billion in horticulture threatened by this pest,” which represents 37,500 jobs and around 4,000 businesses. ”

The new arrangements mean that fumigators and importers will have to meet some additional requirements, including:

  • pre-inspect high-risk fruit hosts for the presence of fruit flies prior to fumigation
  • individual numbering of fumigation chambers
  • fumigate high risk products separately from low risk products to improve traceability (helps isolate problems if they occur)
  • addition of heating and fans to the fumigation chambers
  • added improved dough temperature testing methodology
  • updated package permeability requirements
  • add clear instructions on what to do if detected

A new fruit fly eradication response is immediately underway with baiting and ground treatment at the new outbreak sites in Port Augusta and Warradale, with a 1.5 kilometer red outbreak area and a 7.5 kilometer yellow suspension zone established.

In Port Augusta, the red hotbed area spans the township of Port Augusta.

In Warradale, the red outbreak areas include Brighton, Dover Gardens, Hove, Marion, North Brighton, Oaklands Park, Seacombe Gardens, Seacombe Heights, Somerton Park, South Brighton, Sturt and Warradale.

Minister Basham said the two new outbreaks remind the public to follow restrictions in place on the movement of fruits and vegetables.

“I thank the South Australians for their cooperation so far, but we must remain vigilant and follow the rules in order to contain these outbreaks,” said Minister Basham.

“Residents are requested to check to see if they are in the red outbreak area or in the yellow hanging area where fruit movement restrictions apply.

“Residents in epidemic areas are urged to check fruit fly larvae on locally grown fruit and report any unusual items to the fruit fly hotline on 1300 666 010.

“Residents must also clean up overripe or fallen fruit and place them in your green bin at the edge of the sidewalk (do not compost or bury).”

Subject to any further detection, restrictions will be in place until at least November 18, 2021 in Port Augusta and at least December 20, 2021 in Warradale.

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