Teach children the meaning of Memorial Day

Do your children know the meaning of Memorial Day?

It could be a good litmus test to see if they learn it in school. And they should be. Yet, with schools focusing heavily on social issues, history lessons seem to be left out. And this is not only sad, but even a matter of national security. A nation of children who do not believe in it is not a good thing.

It is up to parents to check our children’s school curriculum to see if Memorial Day is part of it, and to petition to include it if it is not.

The collective voice of parents is moving. If you believe in something, sometimes you have to fight for it. And this Memorial Day recalls the most important fight of all – the one that the men and women of the armed forces fought for all Americans. As parents, we must remember to teach our children that the United States of America is a good place founded on good ideas and that good people have risen up to stand up for this goodness in their very lives.

We have Memorial Day to prove it. Before the barbecues, sales and summer kicks off, remember the day for our children for its true meaning.

We are all Americans and we should not continue to allow our fellow Americans to be divided and separated by ethnicity, race, creed, education, or class.

It is important that our children understand why we come together as family and friends on this memorial day. Because we are free.

We are a nation founded on equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And as all of our brave servicemen have done and continue to do, we must work here at home to protect this great nation from all the destructive forces that want to divide us and destroy over 245 years of blood, sweat and tears. , a work of the good life of the country still in progress.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a thing of beauty for the freedoms we enjoy.

Our military went to war to eradicate Marxism, Communism and their tyrannical despots, so let’s not forget to honor those who died by keeping this country a republic free from fascism and with laws that protect all Americans.

This Memorial Day, when we wave the American flag or drape red, white and blue banners from the porch, teach our children to thank the many dedicated members of the military for supporting these cherished American truths who, as American citizens, we are free to work, learn, travel, believe and live in this country.

But we must keep this dream alive by remembering those who died for it. It is the least we can do. That’s all we can do.

Our brave servicemen would tell us that the real enemy is not COVID-19, but letting our freedoms die – the self-destructive act of forgetting why so many people fought for this country in the first place. More than all the mandates put together, more than all the advertising campaigns to be a good citizen, more than anything, it is our freedom that will continue to keep us safe and sound, healthy and healthy.

Take a pilgrimage with your child to the tombstone of a hero who served to protect our beautiful imperfect and free union. Memory. Thank them. We might not be here without them.

Don’t just say “Happy Memorial Day!” Talk to your children about sacrifice and service and what it means for them and for all of us, for our nation, as Americans.

As spring turns into summer, we’ll start with lighting grills and planting gardens. But as the sun rises on Memorial Day, let us remember to give a precious minute to observe our true heroes, the ones we must never forget, the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. They left a lasting legacy of researching the founding principles of freedom.
Remind our children: freedom is never free.

Bonnie J. Toomey’s stories, essays and poems have been featured in Baystateparent Magazine, New Hampshire Parents Magazine, Baystateparent Echo, Penwood Review, and Solace in a Book. She worked as an assistant at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, where she obtained a master’s degree in literacy. Bonnie writes about life in the 21st century and lives in New Hampshire with her husband. Learn more at www.the deep beauty book.com/writers-2/bonnie-j-toomey.

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