The artist’s progress is easy to see, as a glasswork visitor center will open in Unst

A glass artist is preparing to open a new visitor center and workshop in Uyeasound, Unst next week.

Cheryl Jamieson of Glansin Glass will open the studio to the world for the first time next Saturday, having started the business from her own home in 2008.

He has since flourished and visitors will now have the opportunity to create their own glass masterpieces in his studio.

Ms Jamieson said she couldn’t believe how far Glansin Glass had come.

“I can’t believe we’ve finally made it.

“When I started working with glass, I knew I had found something that made me happy and made others happy.

“I was surprised how quickly the business took off, but I was always hampered by the lack of space.”

She said she hoped the reception center could become “an asset to Unst”.

“Over the years people have traveled to see us and now we can build on that and hopefully attract a lot more.

“This continued support pushed me to cultivate Glansin Glass and it has long been my dream to offer a comfortable space, with a breathtaking view,
where people can sit with a coffee and relax with a drink.

“I can’t wait to welcome people and share Glansin Glass with them.”

The opening ceremony will be broadcast as a Facebook Live event on Saturday, May 29 at noon.

From Sunday May 30 to Saturday June 5, visitors can reserve a space for a VIP tour of the new workshop.

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