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Custom bikes

Photo by Anthony Shea

New Hampshire is home to miles of great mountain biking trails and parks (see our recent article on Mountain Biking with Lift Service at for more), which means there are plenty of Granite Staters who love to hurtle down hills on spiked wheels. If you are one of the real enthusiasts, you might want to contact Kristofer Henry. Henry is the founder and owner of 44 bikes in Lyndeboro, where he turns a longtime love of the sport into bespoke bikes. While the process isn’t for everyone – it’s not something that ends overnight – for those looking for their own unique journey, this could be the perfect fit.

Super Salem

What was once Rockingham Park Racecourse is now turning into a 3.8 million square foot super regional mixed-use destination, thanks to Tuscan Brands. Tuscan village in Salem is a 170-acre property with a grocery store, luxury apartments, bars, fitness center, live entertainment, brasserie, beer garden, restaurants, retailers, and a variety of local and national brands with others joining the mega-center by the end of the construction process in 2022. The overall goal? So that it is a place where you can “Live.” Stay. Job. To play.”

Living gifts

Alison Murphy & Alyssa McClary Open Their Dream Store Twilight in the shell of the famous old French toy store at the corner of Warren and State streets in Concord in March 2020, and were open an entire week before COVID-19 blocked the entire state Live Free or Die. The concept of a gift shop offering mostly small succulents and philodendrons in interesting pots was initially bold, but it was also quite timely. “Our aesthetic is ‘the plants we can’t kill’ because none of us have any experience with plants, but we love them,” their website says. And the opportunity to give something alive (and sturdy) as a gift during our “plague year” has become popular, giving owners a chance to keep the doors open via pickup and delivery. As the world opens up, the store has grown to offer a variety of similar gifts, all of which are stylish and durable.

Community well-being

the Moon River Wellness Center did not give up when the coronavirus hit New Hampshire. In fact, it was really a call to action. The center had just opened in the heart of Pelham to serve as a true “center” for the community and continues an evangelical action with the surrounding communities by promoting yoga, massage and other alternative paths to well-being. Created by a local family with deep roots in the city, Moon River’s mission extends to assisting nonprofit organizations in the area through their “Yoga on the Green” program where course fees are donated to help. the arts and feed local families.

Place to recharge

People have come to Wolfeboro to escape the pressures of life since before our nation’s founding, ultimately earning the lakeside community the motto of “America’s Oldest Beach Resort.” But what if you already want to live on the lake and still want to get away from it all? Ohm Lifestyle Center in Wolfeboro has a few ideas for you, ranging from the gentle warmth of an infrared sauna to the endless drift of a float tank designed for two. Ohm just completed a major upgrade to their already high-end facilities, and they offer all of the conventional spa and styling amenities, just paired with cutting-edge features like their Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

Garden gem

Frizzhome Gardens in Bedford looks like a find even though it’s not really off the beaten track – it’s a few miles from the busy Route 3 – but when you arrive after passing through a quiet residential area it looks like you could park in someone’s driveway. This unpretentious family center is full of plants, most of which are grown on site and are very affordable. A walk around the open-air stands and the many greenhouses reveals a wide variety of plants ranging from the expected to the surprising. Walk through the main building to the Tropical Greenhouse to explore a world far removed from New Hampshire. This lush space is full of succulents, cacti, birds of paradise, plumeria (also known as lei flowers), cycads, canna lilies, and more beautiful and unusual species (at least for New England) . If you’re looking for something new and different – and tips on how to take care of your latest garden addition – this is the place.

Quilt paradise

Sober Sewist 127 Final

Sewing and quilting angels opened in Salem in the midst of the pandemic, responding to the growing demand for useful and creative outlets for all those in their homes. Created by Carol Lawrence of Red Arrow Diner fame, Angels is equally dense with product, fun promotions (like “Sew Fun Sundays”), and knowledgeable, serious staff. Lawrence says the Red Arrows are doing great, thank you. She just wanted to try something new, and she went 100% to this new boutique, reflecting her own love of the art of tailoring. The store has free classes with every sewing machine sold and they offer the best – Baby Lock, Brother, Janome – and they believe they are the only distributor of the Juki brand in the state. In addition to classes in various sewing techniques, Lawrence does a live presentation on Facebook every Friday at 9 a.m. “I am in heaven”, she said, “I am living the dream”.

Antique or vintage shop

Junction 71

Automotive group

Grappone Automotive Group


Lucky’s hair salon
Concord and Portsmouth

Bicycle shop

S&W Sports

Multi-rental local bicycle shop Goodale’s Bike Shop
Hooksett, Nashua and Concord

Comic book store

Jetpack comics and games

Get Fit1Fitness instructor

Meagan Sbat, Get Fit NH


Paver design company

Garden center

Greenhouses and garden center Wentworth


Hairdressing salon and spa

Interior decoration shop

Junction 71

Independent bookstore

Gibson Bookstore

Independent fitness center

Get the NH shape

Indoor cycling

Ferocious Cycle



Children’s clothing store

Puddlejumpers children’s shop

Local jeweler with store


Men’s clothing store

George clothes

Pet boarding

K9 Kaos

Pet groomer

Mac & Cooper’s Pet Supply Store

Pet supply store

Mac & Cooper’s Pet Supply Store

Animal training

No Monkey Business Dog Training

Second-hand clothing store

M&C Clothing and Items

Ski shop

Piche ski and sports shop
Gilford and Belmont

Toy store

Willikers! Books & Toys

Women’s clothing store

Gondwana & Divine Clothing Co.

Yoga studio

Solar power yoga

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