The only place Morelos will ever supplant Larsson is in his own head.

Mad Dog is in the papers today claiming he wants to supplant Henrik Larsson in the Europa League goalscoring charts.

To be honest with you, Larsson’s position in the Europa League goalscoring chart didn’t even cross my mind for a minute. I had no idea where he was on it, and to be honest, I kinda didn’t care. I never thought about it in my life.

So I was surprised to find that when you include qualifying games, Larsson actually sits at the top of Europa League goalscoring with 40 goals in the tournament.

That’s good to know, but I don’t mind that much; we don’t need all those bogus prizes to recognize what the King of Kings really was for our club.

Morels is nine goals behind.

He may or may get those goals for the rest of his career; all he really has to do is land at a club next season that regularly plays European football at this level and his chances will be pretty decent considering his age.

But then what?

Kris Boyd has more SPFL goals than Larsson; he has tried, on a few embarrassing occasions, to suggest that this makes him equal or better than the king…the idea is so absurd that no one seriously debates it with him.

The idea that El Ned will ever supplant Larsson where it really matters – in his position as a European football icon – is frankly insane.

It only exists in the mind of Morelos, that and in the minds of a handful of feverish sportswriters too stupid for words.

Larsson’s list of accomplishments and accolades is extensive.

Morelos has only one league title.

The King has titles in three different countries. He played in two European finals. He has won the Scottish Golden Shoe award five times and the European Golden Shoe once. He has over 100 caps and 30 goals for his country.

Morelos barely fits into a 40-man Colombia squad.

In the same silly interview, he talks about recasting his hero, Radamel Falcao.

Apparently he only needs one goal to make it in Europa League terms… but again that’s a ridiculous comparison to a player who has won the tournament twice with different clubs and whose list of Tournament records include, but are not limited to, most hat-tricks (3), most goals in a single campaign (17), most goals in a Europa League knockout tie ( 5) and the most in a single match (4.) He is Colombia’s all-time top scorer.

Morelos is a legend in his own house, and he will have to do something significant in his career after Ibrox to be seen as more than a middle-of-the-road striker with a penchant for tantrums.

I knew he would be utterly ineffective at the weekend the minute Dundee Utd’s first player put him down; Morelos wind and he forgets to play football and starts trying to go around the pitch to settle scores.

He’s a fool to himself, and if he believes for a moment that Falcao or Larsson will sweat these “discs” – which are only a handful in their long and illustrious collection – he’s an even bigger one than we think. already .

The same goes for any hack that thinks all of this actually matters.

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