The Paint’n Place will host a grand opening this Saturday, three months after devastating tornadoes

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – March 11, 2022 marks three months since multiple tornadoes tore through Bowling Green, destroying homes, iconic streets and businesses.

Now, three months later, The Paint’n Place is gearing up for its grand opening on Saturday.

“We’re so happy to be back, we’re so happy to be back in a part of this community. You can go back and your, your business, unlike some of the others that we’re still standing, and so it’s a good time for us to be able to get back into the community, Amanda Talley tells The Paint ‘n Place.

Amanda Talley remembers walking to her business in December.

“We get this phone call on December 11, saying there’s been this tornado and we’re coming here and everything is devastated,” Talley says.

“Fortunately, for us, it was mostly external. I mean, there’s a lot of external damage. And we had things here that were broken, obviously, just from the force of the wind, but those were things that can be replaced,” added Talley.

She says her customers have expressed nothing but enthusiasm for the business to reopen.

“We have a stack over there on the table and we call it our tornado stack because we’re going to make a collage out of it or something and it’s just random pieces, but it’s like I look at that and I think the first day we came here, what a mess, it was, you know, everything and I look back now and it feels normal and it’s a great feeling,” Talley also says.

“I just encourage all other business owners to stay strong and keep going and I encourage the Bowling Green community to support small businesses because, you know, it’s hard on us and but we also want the give back to the community. added Talley.

The Paint’n Place will hold their grand opening on Saturday, they will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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