The touching photo of the Queen featured in her Christmas speech – details

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The Queen once again gave royal fans a glimpse into her family life as she flaunted a touching photo while delivering her annual report Christmas day message.

Her Majesty delivered her speech in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle in front of a glittering Christmas tree. At her desk was a cadre of her and her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and this is particularly special.

READ: Queen moves nation with tribute to ‘beloved Philip’ in Christmas Day address

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WATCH: Queen pays tribute to Prince Philip in Christmas speech

The framed photo of the Queen and Philip was taken in 2007 at the country house in Broadlands, Hampshire to mark their diamond wedding anniversary.

The monarch, 95, was dressed in an embossed woolen shift dress in Christmas red by Angela Kelly and the sapphire chrysanthemum brooch, for her show – the same brooch seen in the birthday photo.

The then-Princess Elizabeth also wore the chrysanthemum brooch for a photocall on her honeymoon with the Duke of Edinburgh in Broadlands, Hampshire in 1947.

Photography took pride of place alongside the monarch during his address to the nation. In her heartfelt speech, the Queen paid tribute to her late husband and his legacy, and spoke about the importance of family, especially at Christmas.


The Queen seen with a framed photo of Prince Philip

The Queen’s Speech in Full

“Although it is a time of great happiness and good humor for many, Christmas can be difficult for those who have lost loved ones. This year, above all, I understand why. But for me, in the months following the death of my beloved Philip, I have taken great comfort in the warmth and affection of the many tributes to his life and work – from across the country, the Commonwealth and around the world.

“His sense of service, his intellectual curiosity, and his ability to have fun in any situation – were all unstoppable. That playful and questioning twinkle was as brilliant at the end as when I laid eyes on him for the first time. But life, of course, consists of the final separations as well as the first reunions, and as much as I and my family miss me, I know he would like us to enjoy Christmas.

“We felt his presence as we, like millions of people around the world, prepared for Christmas. Although Covid again means that we cannot celebrate quite as we would have liked, we can still enjoy of the many happy traditions. Whether it is the singing of Christmas carols (as long as the tune is well known); decorating the tree; giving and receiving gifts; or watching a favorite movie whose ending is already known, it doesn’t It’s no surprise that families so often treasure their Christmas routines.

“We see our own children and their families embracing the roles, traditions and values ​​that mean so much to us as these are passed down from generation to generation, sometimes updated for the changing times. I see it in my own family and it is a source of great happiness.

“Prince Philip has always been aware of this sense of passing the baton. That’s why he created the Duke of Edinburgh’s Prize, which offers young people across the Commonwealth and beyond the chance to explore and d adventure It remains an amazing success, based on his faith in the future.

“He was also one of the first to take our environmental stewardship seriously; and I am proud beyond words that his pioneering work was echoed and magnified by our eldest son Charles and his eldest son William – admirably supported by Camilla and Catherine – most recently at the COP summit on climate change in Glasgow.

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Charles and Camilla went to Windsor Church on Christmas Day

“Next summer we look forward to the Commonwealth Games. The witness is currently traveling up and down the Commonwealth towards Birmingham, a glimmer of hope in his path. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of athletes and of like-minded nations.

“And February, in just six weeks, will see the start of my Platinum Jubilee Year, which I hope will be an opportunity for people around the world to enjoy a sense of oneness; to give thanks for the enormous changes of the past seventy years – social, scientific and cultural – and also to look to the future with confidence.

“I’m sure someone somewhere today will notice that Christmas is a time for children. It’s an engaging truth, but only half the story. It is perhaps truer to say than Christmas. can speak to the child within all of us. cares, sometimes fail to see joy in the simple things, where children do not.

“And for me and my family, even with a familiar laughter missing this year, there will be joy at Christmas, as we have the chance to remember and re-examine the wonder of the holiday season through the eyes of our own. young children we had the pleasure of welcoming four more this year.

“They teach us all a lesson – just like the Christmas story does – that in the birth of a child there is a new dawn with infinite potential. It is this simplicity of the Christmas story that makes it so universally appealing: of the simple events that formed the starting point of the life of Jesus – a man whose teachings have been passed down from generation to generation, and were the foundation of my faith. His birth marked a new beginning. As the song says, “The hopes and fears of all years are gathered in you tonight.”

“I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.”

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The Wessexes also came out on Christmas Day

The monarch’s speech was pre-recorded in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle and was televised as usual at 3 p.m. on Christmas Day.

The past 12 months for Her Majesty have been somewhat difficult. With Prince Philip’s death in Barbados being the first country to remove the monarch as head of state, the Queen has been forced to say goodbye more than once.

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The Queen spends Christmas and New Years at Windsor Castle, where she will be visited prince charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, who will follow the appropriate guidelines. This is the second year Her Majesty has been forced to cancel her festivities at her Sandringham estate in Norfolk due to the ongoing pandemic.

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