The Vancouver Resource Investor Conference is a place for storytelling

In the interest of full disclosure: I am not a resource or mining expert.

I might know a thing or two about a thing or two in mining due to the process of osmosis acquired from listening to casual conversations around the Equity Guru offices, but no one is asking me to write about mining companies anytime soon.

If you’ve been watching our site for a while you know I’m the cryptocurrency and blockchain guy and in previous years of the Vancouver Resource and Investors Conference (VRIC) you may have spotted me hovering around the rare blockchain and cryptocurrency-related business booths, chatting about apps and DAOs, and sympathizing over the money I’ve lost so far this year.

Short answer: A LOT!

Unfortunately, unless one or two companies sneak through the backdoor at the last minute, blockchain and cryptocurrency companies have been left out. It is very good. VRIC isn’t all drill results and drill sheets, and there’s enough alternative technology here to make it worthwhile, even if you’re like me, and explorer mergers and acquisitions may also serve as sleep aids.

Here are three companies I look forward to talking to.

Windfall Geotek

Windfall Geotek (WIN.V) is not technically a minor. It is a technology company, and more specifically an artificial intelligence company, with a product that simplifies the lives and work of miners. They have been around for 15 years and have spent that time developing their CARDS data mining and analysis techniques.

It combines public and private datasets related to mining, like boreholes, surface data, and geophysical data into algorithms that calculate and highlight areas where a client company can consider drilling next. to find enough minerals.

The company’s target market is junior miners and the reasoning is pretty sound. These companies are often looking for a technological edge and a leg up on the competition, and having the latest advancements in AI and machine learning at your service could easily give them a boost.

The company’s latest agreement involves the creation of two gold signature programs at Opus One Gold’s Vezza North, Vezza Extension and Noyell projects, helping them find new drill targets using CARDS technology to identify sites that have the same signatures as known mines and deposits.

Then, for resource companies, we have a touch of geopolitical tension.

defense metals

I mentioned earlier that I understood a thing or two about a thing or two about resources and mining from listening to the mining people around the offices, and Defense Metals (DEFN.V) and specifically, the ongoing geopolitical narrative surrounding rare earth elements (REE), is one of the things I picked up.

Defense Metals was one of our clients and during their tenure I learned how China effectively enjoys a global monopoly on rare earth elements.

These metals are needed for a huge list of technologies we use every day, including smart phones, digital cameras, some computer parts, semiconductors, and also used in industries like renewable energy, military equipment, glass manufacturing and metallurgy.

So the fact that China exercises such control over them is something important.

So much so that China actively supplied between 85% and 95% of the global demand for these particular metals, most of it coming from Myanmar. It’s a scary lever to give any country, and it was enough to convince President Joe Biden of the need to reduce our dependence on China for these metals.

Wichida Project


In the supply chain image above, you will have seen an entry called Wicheeda. This is the British Defense Metals REE resource project. Most of these projects are usually in the middle of nowhere and companies have to shift their resources, from electricity to gas to port-o-potties. In this case, the project is near a major forest service road connecting Highway 97, as well as a major hydroelectric line, a major gas pipeline, and the CN rail line to Prince George, Colombia. Columbia, who also has a lot of experience with mining and can offer a bit of help with skilled labor.

When you factor in the growing demand for ETR given the lack of global supply, it’s a good time to get into a business like this and that’s one of the reasons I’ll talk to them when I will be at the VRIC.

RE royalties


There’s something uniquely Canadian about a company that encourages pro-social behavior, isn’t there? can i introduce you RE royalties (RE.V)? It’s a lender that caters specifically to cleantech companies. The company currently holds 104 royalties on solar, wind, hydroelectric, battery storage and renewable natural gas projects in Canada, Europe and the United States.

The Canadian incentive discussed earlier includes providing capital to support the renewable energy market in support of a transition to a low carbon economy. They are borrowing the royalty-income model from the mining and resource industry and using it to provide capital for small to mid-sized renewable energy projects.

In many cases, these companies may not have the usual capital raising options available to them, which is an important niche. They focused on transitioning to a low carbon economy and in doing so they found opportunities in distributed energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, renewable fuels and electric vehicles. Now that climate change is becoming an outsized concern, we need to see more companies like this making the rounds.

come see us

Like I said in the opening, I’m not a mining or resources guy. The weird analysis charts make my eyes float and the terminology is indecipherable, and I write about cryptocurrency in order to understand the impenetrable walls of data.

What I’m looking for are stories. Stories. The human element. Each of the companies on display has it and I have only covered a cross section. Also, if you’re so inclined, stick around for the keynote speakers. Equity gurus Own Chris Parry will bring his touch of insight, wit and hilarity to the podium in a talk titled “Finding your Storyline: Stand Out of Stand Down.”

Apparently they even brought in former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and rich dad, poor dad author Robert Kiyosaki to introduce himself and discuss. And yes, even chats related to NFT, cryptocurrencies and things that are more relevant to me. I won’t miss those.

As for the Equity Guru team, we’ll be there. Look for the bull and the turquoise chairs.

—Joseph Morton

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