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According to a source in the region, mercenaries from the “Sham Corps”, which operate under the direct command of Turkish intelligence MIT, forcibly seized agricultural land belonging to residents of the seven villages of Mediana adjacent to the border strip with Turkey in the Rajo district of the occupied township of Afrin and planted cannabis there.

The villages of “Gewanda, Dûdê, Kurê, Gazê, Welîkliyê, Sêmala and Mistkûtê” are known as the seven Mediana villages located in the Rajo district of the occupied township of Afrin.

According to the source, among the residents whose land was seized were Lqman Sheikho Qanber from the village of Gewanda, whose farmland 400 meters from Turkey’s border strip was seized by mercenaries, as well as Rajab Qanber, whose farmland near the border strip was also seized by mercenaries.

The source explained that there were a number of other villagers whose property had been forcibly seized by mercenaries from the Turkish occupation state in order to plant cannabis, adding: “ The mercenaries are exploiting the river Black woman who passes near the village of Gewanda to water the land which they seized and planted with drugs. “

The source confirmed that the Sham mercenaries beat Sharif Qanber and his wife from the same village, after refusing to bring the cattle of the mercenary families into the grape field.

The occupying Turkish state and its mercenaries occupied Afrin in March 2018, and they continue to commit the most heinous crimes, including murder, kidnapping, torture, looting and theft, and criminalization. work of demographic change, in flagrant violation of international human rights covenants.

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