Unite men and bind them to the Lord

The central point of Hajj is the Ka’ba which is the Qibla for all Muslims around the world to which they bow and pray. The Ka’ba itself is a symbol of unity and brotherhood for Muslims even though they live in different corners of the world. It is believed that the Ka’ba was first built by Adam (AS) and that in the end Hazarat Ibrahim (AS) with his son Hazrat Ismaiel (AS) rebuilt it. The Qur’an does not say anything about the distant origin of the Ka’ba but it is explicit about Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) as the re-builder of the Sacred House of Allah. Once the construction of the Ka’ba was completed, Allah ordered Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to publicly proclaim the pilgrimage to be made there. Allah says in the Holy Quran,

“Announce the pilgrimage to the people. They will come to you on foot and on every skinny camel, coming from every deep and distinct road so that they can witness the blessings and remember the names of Allah in the well known days (ayyam ma’lumat) on the sacrificial animal . (AL-HAJJ verse 26-27)

The Quran also says, “And remember that Abraham lifted up the foundations of the House, yes and Ismail too (saying) accept that from us, for indeed You are on All hearing and All knowing” (Al-Baqr verse 125 -127).

The Qur’an is our most certain testimony to the importance of Hajj. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught us the importance of Hajj in our lives. He followed the religion of Prophet Abraham (AS) and extended it to us. He was not only concerned with reforming the beliefs, lifestyles and practices of his people, but he also brought Islam and made it a great religion to follow. But are we now following it from the right perspective? We observe that every year millions of people make a pilgrimage to Ka’ba and learn and practice the true spirit of Islam. Muslims from Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Jordan, Kashmir, America, England, Spain, Africa, Burma, United Arab Emirates, etc. are seen in Mecca on the occasion of Hajj. It’s a great scene to see that all Muslims, black and white, rich and poor, Arab and non-Arab are together and there is a scene of brotherhood everywhere. They forget that they are from different countries, religions, cultures and belong to different colors. They show unity and promise to be united for the cause of Islam. They pray for the upliftment of Islam and decide to help, to end the suffering of Muslims in particular and people in general all over the world.

But it is observed that after the return of the House of Allah to the respective countries or places, the cause and the spirit of Hajj fade away. Some of them can be modified in their personal acts but it is observed that their approach to the sufferings of the people remains unchanged. The unchanged behavior and approach of Muslims is responsible for dividing their Ummah in the world. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) won hostilities for our good, the most dangerous path he took for us and all for us. He (SAW) sacrificed everything for the establishment of a just system and then created a new era of history, prepared a great nation, brought forth new worlds of thought and knowledge, and brought us to above all civilization. We have an Allah, a Prophet (SAW) and a religion; it becomes our moral duty to understand the purpose and purpose of Hajj.

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