Van Gogh’s virtual exhibition will attract buyers to Dubai

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Dubai (AFP)

Buyers and art lovers alike will soon be able to experience Van Gogh’s masterpieces projected on walls and floors in an immersive experience in a Dubai mall.

The installation by French company Culturespaces is reminiscent of “Loving Vincent”, the 2017 drama retracing the life of the Dutch post-impressionist, in which moving images were created using painted frames on canvas.

The exhibition, which will feature digital exhibitions of works from the Saint-Paul asylum, the Saint-Rémy collection and others, including irises, opens on July 1 and will run through mid-July. ‘next year.

“Our mission is to make art accessible to everyone and to be able to share this new way of discovering art with as many people as possible,” Catherine Oriol, director of Infinity Des Lumières at the Dubai Mall, told AFP. while a pianist played nearby.

The exhibition fits into the mold of the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, where classic works sit alongside complementary sound and visual devices.

The Dubai Mall exhibit seeks to “connect visitors directly to art,” said Oriol.

One of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has in recent years become a global hub for tourism and luxury services.

It has sought to remain open to foreign visitors even as the coronavirus pandemic has hammered international travel.

“We hope that in the future we can create new exhibitions related to the region, (such as) calligraphy and poetry,” said Oriol.

After an initially strict lockdown, life in the Gulf emirate – one of the first destinations to welcome visitors again in July of last year – has largely returned to normal, with restaurants, hotels and resorts. beaches open to the public.

It is expected to host the opening of the six-month World Expo in October, after being delayed for a year due to the pandemic.

Culturespaces has opened a number of digital art exhibitions around the world, notably in France and South Korea, and is expected to launch another in New York next year.

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