Varsity 4+ Men Second Place IRA Championships Small Final

Rowing Men | June 4, 2022

WINDSOR WEST, NJ – The La Salle Men’s Rowing Team’s Varsity 4+ boat capped off a stellar campaign, wrapping up the IRA Nationals with a second place finish in the small final and eighth place overall.

After narrowly missing out on the grand finale in yesterday’s semis, just under two seconds from a place in the best event, the Explorers looked to stay the course in the final race of the season. Out of the gates, the Explorers and Holy Cross battled it out over the opening 500m, each trading first place.

The Explorers found themselves overtaking Holy Cross in the second 500m stint, trying to fend off a push from California. The Golden Bears, however, surged to the front, holding a just under two-second lead over the field.

Cal held on to their lead with another fastest split after 1500m, with La Salle following in second place with Northeastern pushing for third. Northeastern passed the Explorers in the final 500 yards, but a strong sprint at the end saw the Explorers recover from second place just behind Cal to move into second and eighth overall in the nation.

The Varsity 4+ capped off an impressive season, opening its spring with three consecutive gold medals at the Murphy, Knecht and Kerr Cups. The V4+ boat followed that up with a strong performance at Dad Vails, finishing second in the event with blistering speed that flirted with a course record.

Men’s Varsity 4+ Small Final

1 California 06:27.119
2 La Salle 06:29.059

3 Northeast 06:29.789
4 Brown 06:32.725
5 Holy Cross 06:33.035
6 Jacksonville 06:37.381

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