“Video games have no place at the Commonwealth Games” – gold medalist swimmer Sharron Davies hits out

Two-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist Sharron Davies has announced that video games will be featured as part of this year’s Commonwealth Games. Birmingham Live previously announced that the esport would be its own competition alongside this year’s Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games – although medals would not be awarded to participants.

The pilot event this summer will be called the Commonwealth Esports Championships. Depending on the success of this year’s event, medals may be awarded to players at future Commonwealth Games.

And the decision to host the video game competition was met with a mixed response. One of the most notable critics is former England swimmer Davies who won two different medals of each color while competing in the games.

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“I’m a bit disappointed, to be honest with you. Because I think if you want to reach a younger generation, there’s a lot of other things they could have done,” she said.

“They (the Commonwealth Games Federation) could have introduced sports like parkour, BMX, skateboarding – which were so popular at the Olympics, they could have chosen sports that might appeal to very young people. I don’t understand really why or how esports fit into a physical sports arena.

Sharron Davies had major Commonwealth Games success during her career, winning two medals in each color in swimming at the multi-sport event.

“I’m not anti-esports, I just don’t see it belonging to the Commonwealth Games. And I think it’s very money driven.

“Sitting down and working your thumbs on a chair is really not a physical activity. The Youth Trust did a survey, and a third of kids thought esports was exercise and that’s very worrying.

“That’s not to say I’m anti-esports, I have a 15-year-old son and older kids who have all done their homework. But I just don’t believe he belongs at the Commonwealth Games. .

Looking forward to Birmingham hosting the games, Davies is delighted with the host city. And the new Sandwell Aquatics Center is something the former swimmer feels the area should have had for a while.

“I’m really excited, absolutely can’t wait. As someone who’s been to two or three Commonwealth Games and won Commonwealth medals, I’m really thrilled Birmingham (Sandwell) have built a swimming pool (Sandwell Aquatics Center) because it was still missing as a big city.

“So it’s been fantastic for Birmingham’s sporting infrastructure, which is really good. And I know ticket sales have skyrocketed.

“I have several friends who try to get tickets without joy. I even have friends who have kids who compete and they really struggle to get tickets, even though they tried very early.

Esports will feature at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and could be a future medal-winning discipline
Esports will feature at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and could be a future medal-winning discipline

“So obviously, the demand is going to be massive. I know all the stadiums are going to be sold out, I’m sure it will be like a mini Olympics.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Davies set up his own training program (Sharron Davies Training) to encourage people to improve their physical condition. Davies talked about the importance of physical fitness.

“It came, I guess, from COVID. And the fact that some people still haven’t returned to gyms since they were able to post COVID,” she said.

“There’s now a workforce that’s a little more at home than before, people have gotten used to being able to exercise at home. And I just thought, why not create a program ?

“If you ask someone what’s the main reason they don’t exercise, they’ll tell you that time is a bit of an excuse. But if you can come up with a program that requires the least amount of time to get a really good benefit.

“I did that. I created a program where you do it four times a week for 15 minutes. So that’s an hour. And if you stick with it for three months, you’ll definitely see a results.

“And so you have no excuses, anytime, anywhere, no equipment needed. You can train with me and you can make a difference in your fitness.

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