Villagers of Upar Konki Panchayat Kick Government Inactivity in Bridge Building

Gambling their lives to reach the adjacent market by crossing a river on foot, even after many promises from politicians, the villagers residing in Upar Konki Panchayat in Jharkhand consider themselves undervalued as they do not have a bridge to cross the river. Lakari nearby. The village is nestled 20 km from the state capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi.

The Lakari River (also known as the Rahra River) divides the Rahra and Upar Konki panchayats, constituting eight villages – Katariya Bera, Baira Bera, Surban, Udal Bera, Mundkam Piri, Piri Tola, Mahua Jara and Rana Gara.

The villagers deplore the difficulties of access to the minimum amenities of life

Residents of the panchayat lamented that the villagers, who are largely tribals, face enormous difficulties in accessing basic living amenities like markets, hospitals, schools and colleges.

According to the villagers, they reach the nearest Pithoria market in just 30 minutes if they cross the river, taking all the hardships, on foot. Katariya village tribe member Kariya Munda said, “It takes half an hour to reach the market if we cross the river. This is the shortest way. If we take the other route, it will take us another 3 to 4 hours to reach the same market.

No other alternative than to stay at home during the monsoon

Meanwhile, when the river swells during the monsoon, the villagers have no choice but to stay in their homes. Some, however, out of sheer desperation, venture to reach the market by crossing the waters.

Another villager, Surender Gope, said: “During the monsoon, if we go to the market, we prefer to stay with someone in Rahra or Pithoria. We don’t try to cross the river until the river calms down. the essentials, medicine and education by crossing the river which is very dangerous during the monsoon. “

Munda added that the water level reaches up to 6-7 feet during the monsoon and it becomes extremely difficult to cross the river during the rainy season.

Patients are transported on burlap bags for medical emergencies

In an intense manifestation of desperation, villagers complained of transporting patients on jute beds in Tadapur (near Pithoria) during a medical crisis. They rent a rickshaw or board a bus to the nearby hospital. Another resident of Katariya village, Samu Munda said: “In a medical emergency, we transport a patient on a jute bed to Tadapur. From there we take the bus or rickshaw to the hospital.

The villagers also deplored that the authorities carried out soil tests five years ago and that there were no results. Expressing their concern about this, the villagers claimed that people are not ready to marry eligible people residing in the panchayat due to the lack of connectivity with the nearby town.

Sarpanch berates administration for “shutting down”

Sarpanch of Upar Kanki’s panchayat Sushila Kachhap berated the same and said more than 3,000 people are affected due to the lack of a bridge in the area. He also said that the issue had been raised several times before the government and that video footage of the investigation had also been sent to the administration.

(With entries from ANI)

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